What Matters Most to Me (+Giveaway)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what matters most to me as a woman, a career woman, a wife, a mother and other titles and roles I take on in my daily life. There are lots of things that matter, but some things matter more. Learning to let go of the smaller things is a challenge for me, but I’m really making strides by reminding myself to keep focused on what matters most.


Fire FamilyOn the My Tree Matters tool at the One-A-Day Multi-vitamins website, I took a few minutes to choose what really matters to me this year. Last year, I would have chosen career without thinking. So much has changed this year and I chose health, creativity and relationships. These are three of the things I have been working on this year and, really, they do matter most to me. Since the beginning of the year, I have been challenging myself to get healthy both by being active and eating a better diet. Creatively, I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to writing and photography, both of which are my respective careers. I find that, sometimes, working in a field you love can stifle your creative voice. As such, I’ve really been pushing myself to do more creative work instead of just work-work. Relationship wise, I have been working hard to nurture the relationship with my husband and with my friends. I have been rewarded tenfold for all of the effort I have put into each of these areas of my life. Because of the health work I have been doing, I have more energy. Because I have more energy, I have more pizazz when it comes to creativity. Because of that pizazz, I feel better about myself which leads to a more confident self in my relationships. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

I think what has helped me through this busy, difficult and wonderful year is that I have kept my focus on the positive. I’m not saying that it hasn’t been hard at times. Just last week we passed what would have been my grandparents 54th anniversary. I broke down in tears that morning. Throughout the day, I kept busy with my children and tried to keep my chin up. When I talked to my grandma that evening, we talked about the amazing man that he was and how he loved all of us so much. We toasted to his memory and his legacy. Things like that conversation, a nurturing, loving one, are really what matter most to me when it comes down to it.

Now I want to hear about what matters most to you. Has your perspective changed?. Leave me a comment about how you view the things that matter most in your life by September 11, 2010. A random winner will win a $150 Visa Gift Card sponsored by BlogHer. There’s also a chance for more $150 gift cards on the other participating blogs and another $100 Visa Gift Card from BlogHer is also located on the Exclusive Offers Page. Read more on the Official Rules page.


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243 Replies to “What Matters Most to Me (+Giveaway)”

  1. My children and husband matter way more to me than a clean house. Not that my house is filthy, but I’m not endlessly dusting like a maniac. I’d rather have fun with my family.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. Living life to the fullest is what matters most to me. My kids are mostly grown, and I’ve dodged the bullet on what doctors first thought would be terminal. These days I want to live my life loving every day, and impart that joie de vivre to my kids and to society at large.

    fab50kate at gmail dot com

  3. I used to think that what other people thought of me (and what they thought I should do) was what really mattered. NOW I am aware of just how crazy (and impossible) that was. As long as I’m okay with it, my spouse is okay with it, and it is healthy THAT is what matters.

    It’s amazing what being a part of a healthy team actually helps you learn.

    Great post…and could your kids be any cuter?? :)

  4. My husband and children are most important to me. As I get older, I realize more and more HOW important family is! I always want them to know how loved they are and never take a single day for granted!

  5. What matters most to me at the moment is to start doing things for myself. I’m always taking care of my dad or my brother or sister that I forget to live for myself. I’ve learned it’s okay to put me first sometimes!

  6. My family for sure – but there are things I have to do, have to get in order, so that I can be there as my best me for my family. And that includes making time for me to walk/run/hike almost daily. I’m a much happier and nicer person to be around then!


  8. An important change in my life was when I decided to work for myself, teaching music and making art. I knew right away these things matter more than the stability and extra money of the 9 to 5 job I had.

  9. My perspective has changed over the years. I wish I had been less focused on a clean house and more focused on my sons when they were growing up. They would have been happier and so would I.

  10. My husband, kids, extended family and friends and job have always been a given but lately my focus has been on moving…we’ve well outgrown this “starter” house the past 20 years and my goal is buying a larger house in the suburbs where my daughter can go to a good school. It’s rough because the housing market has bottomed out and sometimes I think we’re never going to “get out”. I’ve been focusing on what I can do each day to work toward my goal. I made a list of tasks that need to be done before we can list our house and every day I try to cross one thing off the list whether it’s a big one like “purge all outgrown clothes stored in the attic” or just “clean off the washer and dryer”. I also have a list of family tasks that I try to have us do every few weeks like “clean out the garage”..it’s amazing how quickly we can get it done when we’re all working together as a team.

  11. This year we moved away from our entire extended family. Being alone, just our own little family of five, without grandparents and cousins, sisters and parents, it makes me realize how important it is to have our own traditions. (And how important it is to call home!!)

  12. After putting career first for MANY years, I learned hard and fast that Family is the real important thing in life. I was let go from an employer and a member of my (old) Sunday School class was the one that actually “let me go”. Talk about weird… anyway, I have learned that friends come and go, jobs come and go, and obviously material things are meaningless. My husband and 2 boys are what the most important to me!

  13. material things used to seem important, but now that my husband and I are entering our middle years, just that we both stay healthy is what matters most. I want us both to be around to see our grandchildren grow up.

  14. My perspective has changed a bit. I have really learned to be grateful for everything, because you never know when you might lose something that you had taken for granted like you house or your health. topgun34er(at)hotmail(dot)com

  15. My family matters the most. I have realized though that even though I know this, I don’t always show this to them. My actions have to show that they matter more than anything else. I have been working on my patience, my words and how to demonstrate my love and affection effectively.

  16. What matters most is that my family is safe and healthy. That we communicate daily one way or another. That before I hang up from a telephone call with any of them, that I tell them that I love them and when I see them, that I kiss them before they leave. You never know when is the last time you might see someone so being in the moment with them is so important. Loving others is all that matters ever.

  17. I have a feeling my perspective is about to change. Of course my faith and my family mean the most to me, but my husband and I are 4.5 weeks away from having our first child. I have a feeling that I don’t have a CLUE about what’s important to me just yet.

  18. What matters to me most is the health of my family. I have learned in life, that without good health, nothing else matters.

  19. My husband and kids matter most, but I do constantly have to remind myself not to obsess over the smaller stuff.

    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  20. No matter what’s on my mind when I come home from work each day, what matters to me most is my husband, our dog, and our health. I prioritize working out over cleaning and cooking since I can’t take care of my loved ones if I’m not healthy!

  21. My time with my husband really matters to me. We have been together 27 years, but the first 16 I was so busy with work that we were almost strangers passing in the night. Then I became ill, and he has stuck with me through thick and thin. He is my very best friend in the world.

  22. Being disabled makes it hard for me to do anything around the house sometimes I feel useless but my family is my support system they help with the daily chores and don’t make me feel bad that I cant help I love them so much!

  23. What matters most to me is being there for my family, enjoying our time together, keeping them healthy and happy. I have other important personal goals but as long as I keep them a priority I am at my happiest.

  24. After a bad wreck two months ago left me with crippling pain I had to rethink everything. Every step, every movement….everything. I know that my husband and my kids are who have my back.

  25. Spending time with my family is what matters most, I think my perspective changed after my Mom died, i realized how important family really was and now it’s my priority

  26. My family and my cats (which are also family). I also need to learn to put my needs first sometimes so I don’t stress out completely. Thanks

  27. Having positive supportive people in my life to help me through the rough times. When I was younger I didn’t realize the importance of this and I do now

  28. When I was younger my happiness was the priority for sure. Now that I am over 40, thankfully, I have realized there are more important things in the world. Making my Husband happy, safe, and taken care of is number one. I think so much more about the outside world than I used to. I truly think of others feelings, and how I can impact things so much more than I ever did before. I have become wiser with age. Not wise. Just wiser.

  29. What matters to me most is my family first, then myself and my girl second, then others in my community lastly :D

    I find that I’ve been taking more time to myself to do the things that I want to do by locking myself away in my cave :) Like write.

  30. My perspective has changed a lot. I had a lot of health issues starting in childhood, and that taught me to put my health first. I also learned spending my energy/time on doing things with my family or friends instead of things like cleaning, meant more to me, especially if I had a limited amount of time I could spend doing things.

  31. Taking the time to be together. In about 10 years my all of my children will be out the house and starting their adult lives. I want them to have memories of all us being together, being a family.

  32. I try and take some time to myself at least once a month. I go out with a friend or get a pedicure. It helps me remember that I’m a person outside of being a mother and wife.

  33. As I have gotten older I realize how important my parents are and how blessed I am to still have them in my life when so many of my friends have already lost their parents.

  34. What matters most to me is spending time with my hubby and our boys. Hanging out. Laughing. Doing nothing. Traveling. Playing games. Eating together and talking about our day.

  35. My family is extremely important to me. I have learned that taking time for myself helps me to be a better mom and wife.

  36. My perspective changed in a big way this week. My daughter left for school a week ago today, and I’ve been suffering from a bad case of Empty Nest Syndrome. Spending time with family is tops with me.

    Thanks for a great giveaway

  37. My family matters most. I realized that you can have tons of money, great job, big house, nice cars but in the end that means nothing if you do not have people you care about around.

  38. Being able to give the gift of time. As a single mom with a full-time job, time is always stretched for me and there is precious little of it to go around. When I can give the gift of time to my children or my parents or myself, it really truly matters.

  39. My perspective certainly has changed over the years. When I was younger, I believed that the meaning of my life depended on what I did for others. I still think it is important to give to others, but I have learned that I need to give to myself as well. If I don’t make time to nurture my body and mind, I am making a big mistake. If I don’t love me, who will? It is imporant to me to devote my time and energy to my family, my friends, and MYSELF–and I don’t skimp on myself any more.

  40. This is very important to me:
    I would like to tell you about a very deserving young family who has been nominated for the Extreme Makeover Home addition. The family is Lenny and Andrea Pruett of Fayetteville, In 47421.
    The Pruetts lost one of their triplet sons, Gage, in a tragic boating accident on June 28, 2010. Andrea’s mother, Susan Collier, (my friend, a wife, mother, daughter, sister,and grandmother to 6 children including Gage) was killed in the accident as well. It was a senseless, devastating accident.
    In addition, the Pruetts lost their home and all of it’s contents when their house burned in April of 2010.
    Lenny and Andrea have struggled for years due to Lenny’s original job at Otis Elevator being eliminated. They were trying to keep their heads up and raise 4 children.
    They had astronomical medical bills when the triplets were born at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. The boys were considered a miracle weighing less than two pounds each and remaining in the hospital for many weeks. The triplets have not been without medical issues in their short lives.
    The Pruetts also incurred medical bills when 2 of the triplets fell into a body of water when they were 2 years old and nearly drowned. Their mother, Andrea, saved their lives.
    Yet through it all, this family always has a smile on it’s face and an attitude that they will trust in God.
    They are very much in need of an additional helping hand and a huge break in life. I am telling you their story, Ellen, because I know that you have a caring heart. Please help us consider their family.
    Thank you so much. Carla Hamilton

  41. My family has always been the center point in my life, but as a empty nester now, my main focus is me, learning new skills, improving my old skills, catching up on things that were put on hold for years and keeping my man and home happy!

  42. I matter most to me. I make sure I take good care of myself (eat right, get sleep, exercise) so I can take care of my son, husband and others.

  43. I’ve learned to cherish my family! I have watched 3 different friends at work grieve the loss of teenage children. I try to keep
    a good perspective on life when one of them gets on my mom nerves.
    I’m blessed to have them in my life to love on!

  44. What matters most to me is the time I get to spend with my husband and children. Whether it’s quiet conversation or a day full of laughter, no day is complete without them.

  45. My husband, my daughter, my animals, close friends and God matter to me most. I work hard for all what we have and strive to keep my small family close as possible.

    clc_little_britches @ yahoo dot com

  46. This year has been difficult for our family. What matters most to me is being together and making sure EACH one of them knows just how much they make my heart swell with love. Spending time with my husband alone without the kids on a regular basis matters to me because my marriage matters and needs nurturing the same as my kids do. Most of all, knowing JESUS matters to me!

  47. My kids and hubby are the most important! It used to be work and the house before the kids came along so things have absolutely changed over the years. Unfortunately I am usually last, but my time will come when they are all grown and taking care of themselves!

  48. Time flies, an in the end it won’t matter if you wear designer clothing or have an immaculate house . . . memories will matter!

    bluegirl1423 (at) gmail (dot) com

  49. My health! I haven’t been taking good care of myself, and for right now, I need to focus on feeding my body healthy foods, working out, and not letting the small things stress me out.

  50. as a sahm i give my son almost 100% of myself all day..i really want him to know he is the most important thing in my life..but at night i definately take some me time..to talk on the phone, watch tv etc.

    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  51. I consider my husband and two daughters to be my most important assets in life. I don’t care for status or riches in this life, though I feel that God blesses us daily; I only wish for a healthy, happy family!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  52. My family is what matters most to me, but that certainly does not rule out taking time for myself. It helps, of course, that my family is grown and I am not responsible for their daily life in any way. Now that I have retired, I can spend time doing things that I enjoy but had to fit in around family responsibilities and work responsibilities before.

  53. My family and the fact that they are healthy is what matters most to me. I think everyone was probably more selfish when they were younger. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  54. For me, the last few years has given me an understanding of relationships. I’ve been married for 20+ years and life was always a rush and focus was work, children, house and then hubby. It worked at the time but now my kids are older and I began to change focus to learning who my husband was again and focusing our health so that we have many good years ahead of us

  55. My kids and my parents and of course my husband. Everything came into perspective when I almost died and realized I wasn’t happy with how I was leaving things behind and I didn’t want to leave my kids
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  56. After finding out my long time boyfriend of 5 years had a difficult time of being “faithful”… I found myself being single for the first time in awhile… at a time when all my friends were getting married and having babies. I knew that I had a choice. I was in charge of my own happiness. I moved to a fabulous new city, made a great group of friends, and decided to just enjoy my life, single or not. I even started blogging to write about my adventures in my new city – http://www.confessionsofatwentiesgirl.com. So what matters to me most is being in charge of my own happiness.

  57. What matters most in my life is time with my family, especially now that my children are grown and gone. If I had known their childhoods would pass by so quickly, I would’ve let a few of the less important things slide, so I could’ve enjoyed them even more than I did.

  58. this year ive learned to enjoy the little things. i try to take time each day to observe the beauty in little things and enjoy every day,because we only live each day once

  59. We live in bush Alaska and life here is tough, but what matters most to me is that my family is together and that we have amazing friends and a GREAT community that cares and watches over each other. I wish everyone could experience what we do!

  60. It may be common, but it’s true… family matters most. You may have to compromise sometimes because of the necessities of work, but still, family matters most.

  61. Of course my family, pets, and friends matter most to me. There are plenty of other things that also matter strongly to me, but probably my family, friends, and pets most of all.

  62. family is the most important thing to me; then my part-time job as a tutor–i feel like i am making a difference in some teens’ lives; then crafting (to make me feel creative and productive in a meaningful way); then housework (ha)

  63. I have to say my creativity is more and more important to me. I just opened a side business that allows me to be more creative, which I’m happy about, but it requires more energy than I had planned.

  64. Having a family that loves you, a husband that adores you and a child who thinks your the best mom in the world is what matters the most. We try to end each day with a reflection of how lucky we are to have what we have, even if it is only a little, its ours and we have eachother.

  65. What matters most is that our family love each other. My boys are very close and my husband and I strive to emphasize the importance of family as well as the importance of loving your friends.

  66. Obviously, my kids will always come first when it comes to their health, safety and well being, but as a working mom, I cherish my “me” time and am not guilty for taking it. I’m lucky enough to have a great husband who will take my boys for an entire day! When I get free time, I’m not one of those women who feel guilty or don’t know what to do with themselves….I use it fully to do all that nourishes my spirit.

  67. What matters most to me are the people in my life – everything else is just secondary. After coming very close to losing my husband suddenly, and then losing my mother very suddenly, I’ve learned to cherish every single moment with my loved ones and never take a moment or a day for granted, because you never know what the next day will bring. Enjoy life, enjoy nature, take time to relax and enjoy every moment with your loved ones – that’s the most important thing in life. sammiejanL40 at aol dot com

  68. This year I’ve faced a serious financial crisis, which has without a doubt made me rethink what is important in that arena. I’ve been forced to prioritize my expenses, and suddenly having trash service isn’t so important when I am able bodied and can carry my own trash to the dump/recycling center. Pedicures aren’t so important; I can paint my nails right here at home. Etc.

    I’ve also, though, had a lot of time apart from my family. I’ve had a lot of time even apart from my husband. I’ve come to realize how much I need them all. How much I love them all. How important they all are to me. Suddenly, penny pinching includes anything except those things that allow me quality time with my family. AND my friends. I’ve turned down countless invitations to go out by friends, only to find my soul aching for that connection with another person. I find myself lighting up from deep inside when I get to talk to a friend or spend time with my family.

    Through all of this, I’ve grown stronger in my faith. Church is no longer negotiable. I need to go for my own sanity. I need that time with God to meditate on life and spirit. I need that time to also connect with myself.

    What matters most to me and the things that lift my soul and make it sing. My family. My friends. My God. Myself.

  69. My husband was in the Middle East for the past 18 months. I had to take care of one disaster after another while he was away. I am so glad he got home yesterday!!!!

  70. My family is the most important thing to me,as my children get older I realize that the time I have left to spend with them before the are grown and gone is getting shorter by the day.

  71. Ok, other than the obvious (family, great friends, etc) I am SO grateful to be in job situation that makes me happy to go to work. My previous job was toxic and it’s such a high to go to a job where they say thank you for your work and tell you you’re doing a great job! YEAH!!

  72. My perspective has definitely changed in the last few years. It’s not the totality of “it”. It’s the minutes that make it up.

    What matters to me is my late daughter’s memory and my 13 year old son’s daily moments.

  73. Last summer my father was given six months to live. He passed the year point in July. I have made 8 or 9 trips from WA to CA this past year. My perspective has changed because I have realized how valuable life is. I have changed my wait and see attitude to a do it now attitude.

  74. Growing up, I thought it would be all about career and reputation. Boy was I wrong! Now I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and NOTHING is more important than FAMILY.

  75. The health and safety of my family, including my parents, matter more than anything. And of course my own health so I can keep up with everyone!

  76. Spending time with friends matters most to me. I found this out during the long years I was trapped in my home, usually in bed. Of all things I missed most, it was being able to spend time with my distant friends so now I cherish every chance I get to spend with them.

  77. My family matters to me most. I’m happiest when we are doing something together. I used to love hanging with my friends but now, I would rather be hanging with my family. I do still make time for my friends.

  78. The things that you can’t buy matter the most. Family fun, laughter and love. Good friends and good times. Unconditional love from our four-legged friends. Time. Giving time to others so that their time is easier. Taking time to relax and allowing time for fun. Those are the things that matter.

  79. Before I had a child my perspective on what I really “needed” in life to make me happy was alot different. My husband and I would go on vacations, go out to dinner, ect. But when our DD was born everything changed. Now it is just simple little things like baking cookies together or going on a drive to run errands and talking in the car together are important things. Love my life now!

  80. I think a persons perspective is always changing, and always should, as one’s life is always changing and different things require attention at different times. Before my two month old twin boys were born, I was a lot more focused on making friends and having an apartment I could show off to my friends. Now I barely have time to shower, let alone have a gals get together! That’s ok though, because my boys are what matters most right now and their needs need to occupy the majority of my day, even though I love my friends and miss spending time with them. There’s a season for all things.

  81. What matters most to me is striking a balance between family, work and me-time. I refuse to let myself feel guilty for reading a magazine or taking a quick nap because I know those little breaks make me a better wife, mother and employee.

  82. I think what really matters is family. No matter how far away, it’s nice to know that they are there. And when one gets together with them, it’s like there hasn’t been a gap of years since the last time one saw them.

  83. I had a miscarriage before I had my first child. All along, I’d assumed that my life had a script – fall in love, get married, have kids, live happily ever after.
    After the miscarriage I knew better, and I learned to appreciate everything I have – especially my kids. Quitting my career to be a stay at home mother is the best decision I’ve ever made. I have 2 smart, thoughtful, and totally wonderful teenagers, and they will always come first in my life.

  84. Having a family has changed my perspective. I used to be able to go off on a trip on a whim, do whatever I wanted. Even though I can’t do those things anymore, my life is so much more meaningful to me now.

  85. God, family, and my relationship with those I come in contact are my priorities. The first relationship influences my sucess in all others.

  86. Family matters most to meet. The dishes will be there in an hour. ;) I love that you put creativity on your list…that is so important!

  87. After a huge cancer scare with my mom, life changed for me completely. I never take a single day for granted, spend time with the one’s I love the most and dont sweat the small stuff anymore. Life is so much easier when you have love :)

  88. What matters most to me is that my adult children be happy. I would have thought at this time of my life that this would not be so critical for me, but it remains so.

  89. What matters most to me is spending time with my family, even if I don’t really have the time – I make time! I also love the fact that I’m teaching my kids how to be self-reliant, and that they don’t have to depend on anyone but themselves to get through life.

  90. Having freedom to come and go as a please. Freedom to pick my own doctors, travel where I want to without fear. Freedom to live in happiness and have good friends.

  91. When I was younger, priorities were quite simple. I wanted to spend most of my time on my motorcycle and traveling. Now that I am older, what matters to me the most is spending time with my wife and kids.

  92. What matters the most to me are the small every day moments, like cuddling on the couch in the morning with my kids before they head off to school. My son has special needs and will not leave for school unless we’ve had some ‘snuggle time’ each morning. It helps him (and me) center and get ready for the day. Those are the moments that really matter!

  93. My family matters the most to me! Life is beautiful and if you don’t take the time to cherish the things you love most, you’ll miss all it has to offer.

  94. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which sometimes slows me down. I make time to swim at the warm water pool 3 times a week which helps me the rest of the time. Thanks for the contest.

  95. I would have to say what matters to me is my husband and his great sense of love and commitment he had for our marriage. I feel deeply affected by him and with him, he makes life just a bit easier.

  96. Oh Wow! Yes my perspective has changed. Before having Brea I was the life of the party lol. Now I am the life of our home! I wouldn’t have it any other way and could not imagine living my old life again!

  97. The most important thing is family. I learned that when my dad got sick with terminal cancer. You have to take that time when you can, because when you lose a loved one, you can never get them back. When your children grow up, you can’t get their childhood back.

  98. What matters most to me is my son and my niece who recently came to live with us! She has sacrificed everything for the opportunity to attend school and is doing great! And my son loves the fact that he has a sudo-sister now!

  99. Stumbled across your blog from Blogher……

    Family, friends and health are a given so I am going to step out of the box here a bit and say that for me to be a good wife, a good mom, a good sister, a good daughter and a good friend is my ability to make time to be crafty each and every day….even if it is just one row of knitting or creatively mending a piece of favorite clothing for one of my girls so it last a bit longer….I am grateful for the creative ways I have and they matter in life and without that outlet I would be lost.

    My oldest daughter just turned 18…she has special needs and this outlet has help me along the way….it has helped calm me and re-focus me on the tough days.

  100. Family has gotten much more appreciated this past year, as I lost all my uncles within a month. Having family around helped quite a bit, and I plan on being available for my family and friends.

  101. My kids and husband matter the most. My job matters. And I matter. Housework gets done when it gets done.
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  102. What matters most to me is that I can provide a safe and lvoving home to my kids and that they know I love them and will always be there for them.

  103. My daughter and little miracle man matter the absolute most to me. They are the center of my universe. If it was ever “all about me,” it certainly isn’t anymore!!

    Many thanks!!

  104. Providing my family with the necessities of life is very important right now. They are the most important thing and providing for them is getting harder all the time.

  105. Our family nurturing, spiritual nurturing, and meeting responsibilities on time matter most to me. Having a healthy balance of love and healthy discipline (i.e., do your homework before you call your friends; make your bed before you walk out the door; get your practice time in before you get online, etc.) are paramount for happy and harmonious living in our home. We also take time out throughout the day to let each other know we’re happy to be together.

  106. What matters most in your life is not what you do it’s who you do it with!! You can do anything but if you don’t have anyone special to share your life with whether it’s your family or good friends it doesn’t make for very much fun and life should be about having as much fun as possible before it’s over!! I have learned that the hard way by having my own health crisis over the past year and a half which has left me in constant pain for the rest of my life it makes you re examine everything in your life.

  107. Definitely family and a small circle of friends. It all means home to me, and that and my spiritual life, which has been sadly neglected lately are the most important things.

  108. My family is the most important thing to me, but I know I need “me” time in order to be most responsive to their needs. I need to begin spending more time on my health and well being (like exercising instead of just relaxing) and I know that will give me even more energy to take care of my family.

  109. My husband and children matter the most to me. My persepective has changed over the years, When I was single it was all about me and then I got married it was my husband and myself and not that we have children it’s mostly about them. That will change when they get older and move out and then it will be just me and my husband.

  110. What matters most to me is my daughter. My husband doesn’t ask for a clean house, so my daughter and husband mean the most to me. If I could do some workbooks with my daughter instead of doing dishes I will do that any day. If I can watch a movie with hubby instead of vacuuming I will.

  111. What matters most to me is that my children know that I love them unconditionally. I might not be able to give them all the material items they want but I want them to know they can always count on my love and support.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  112. Beautiful family! I believe family should always come first, as it’s most important to me. We may not be rich with money, but we’re rich in love and heart and happiness :)

  113. My husband, children and grandbabies are my life. We lost our 21 year old daughter 8 years ago and it has been awful. Time with my family cannot be taken for granted.

  114. Such a cliche but my family is the most important thing in the world to me. When times are difficult and hard my family is the only thing that gets me through. I am so blessed to have a wonderful circle of support.

  115. My daughter has finally gotten in a sport this year and I will do everything I can to help her excel and continue to enjoy it! I think I have realized that I am not going to worry about the little things anymore because do they really even matter in the end?

  116. To me, ensuring that every member of the household, myself included, is safe, secure, and happy, is what matters most; once our own personal needs and goals are on the right track, then I can turn my attention to keeping a tidy house and having some personal time to myself.

  117. The thing that matters most to me is my family. Even more now than I ever imagined. My husband was in a really bad car accident and although the car was totaled and completely crushed he walked away without a scatch. He had left the house just 5 minutes before the crash. I no longer take my family for granted.

  118. There are very few things that actually matter to me…these include my children, my pets, and the earth :D My perspective has changed and grown since I have matured, but it has only gotten much stronger towards those things I care for.

  119. For me just taking it one day at a time matters. I feel that’s the proper thing to do in this life and my son and my health are utmost in my daily life and always.

  120. Spending time with my family is definitely the most important thing to me. There are certain things that are “must-do’s” in life, like working, etc., but fun with family and friends is important!

  121. I just turned 35 at the end of August and I had this sorta epiphany. It probably sounds selfish, but I’ve decided that what matters most to me at the moment is me, making my self healthier and happier. And that way I can be the best person for my family and friends.

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