Mom’s Breakfast Club: Mmm, Special

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BlogHer Reviewer We have some “special-special” traditions for various mornings during the year. You know, more than just “gee, eggs would be nice this morning.” These are more breakfasts that accompany holidays or other special days during the year.

  • Birthdays – A big stack of pancakes with candles. What’s better than starting out your birthday with pancakes, sometimes rainbow if I’m feeling inventive, homemade maple syrup and candles? Nothing. Nothing at all.
  • Halloween – We have orange pancakes with chocolate chips (for “spiders baked in”). This year, however, we’re trying pumpkin pancakes. Mmm.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Obviously green pancakes.Are you catching our theme?
  • Christmas – This one will be hard this year. Normally, we have a big eggs, toast, bacon and juice meal with my grandparents, prepared by my grandfather. This year will be our first Christmas without him, and I really don’t imagine we’ll make it through the morning without tears.
  • And sometimes on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, respectively, we do a fun kids-help-serve-the-honoree morning where that person gets to choose. Super fun.

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To enter, leave a comment telling me what you do on special mornings to make breakfast awesome.


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70 Replies to “Mom’s Breakfast Club: Mmm, Special”

  1. I feel like a total loser because we don’t have a set breakfast tradition. We love orange rolls on special mornings, or migas, which are always so good. Sometimes a big old eggs, potatoes, sausage breakfast is pretty rockin’, too.

  2. We dont’ have special morning events. We like to have a big breakfast at Christmas instead of the lunch/dinner; however, that is the only special event I can think of. I’m off to plan some special breakfasts soon! :)

  3. Our ritual consists of me cooking breakfast every morning. Scrambled eggs, sometimes waffles, crepes, french toast, or oatmeal. Then I help the kiddos get ready! On holidays we always make a little something holiday related for breakfast, like Boo-Berry Muffins!

  4. We don’t have any holiday breakfast traditions since we usually have to be at a family gathering and have a tight schedule. We enjoy a more relaxed breakfast on Saturdays with french toast, cheese grits, or scrambled eggs

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  5. We really dont do special breakfasts on holidays other than Christmas, but we do the whole green eggs in ham and “Lucky” the Leprachaun visits and puts green coloring in our milk, and have green pancakes too! Halloween weekend we always go out to celebrate my bday since it is the day after…and we always go out for brunch cuz that is my FAVE! Easter is a DASH to go to church so no big breakfast. CHRISTMAS is our biggie!

    After gift opening on Christmas morning, we make heart shaped waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, baked omelets, sweet rolls, and breakfast meats. then we dive into the homemade holiday treat trays! the kids love to help with the waffles! Then we watch movies all day and forage off the candy trays!

    thanks so much!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  6. We don’t have any special holiday morning traditions. BUT, we usually have special breakfast days on the weekend with pancakes, bacon and eggs! :-) That is also the only time I allow myself the treat of having coffee! Thanks! kmassman gmail

    I don’t know why, but I got some weird message as I was posting my answer acting like I was trying to take one of your photos–certainly not the case…

  7. We don’t have any special traditions, but occasionally we’ll make random days special with pancakes for breakfast. Our favorite is pancakes in letter shapes that spell out the kids’ names. The pumpkin pancakes sound great!

  8. No special breakfasts for holiday mornings because we just want to have a bowl of cereal, then save our appetites for all of the snacking and holiday dinners that come later in the day! For other, non big holiday special breakfasts, we love biscuits with sausage and country gravy.

  9. on special mornings.. we add sprinkles to breakfast (pancakes, french toast…) ;) Usually the sprinkles are color coordinated Rainbow for Birthday, Red & Green for xmas.. Chocolate for Holidays that dont seen to have a color associated with it. :)

  10. We have a beautiful Thanksgiving meal with all the traditional food…I love that tradition! We have French Toast Casserole!


  11. Christmas morning is the certainly my favorite morning. My kids are early morning risers, and Christmas morning is no different. They are up usually at about 6am. We watch them open all their presents while my husband and I drink our coffee. The stash of new toys keeps them busy while I start cooking breakfast. Our tradition is french toast (made with my mother’s homemade Challah bread), bacon, eggs, and homemade home fries. We feast and it usually keeps us full and satisfied until Christmas dinner is ready!

  12. Now that the children are adults with their own homes breakfast is pretty boring. The most special thing I ever do is waffles and those might show up at any time, not just special occasions.

  13. we have waffles on holiday mornings, this year I think I am also going to make fried apples to top them with

  14. We just do simple stuff. Monkey bread, crepes and waffles. I’ve found just doing stuff with our
    family creates the best memories.
    Kids remember the craziest things.

  15. I usually make the breakfast casserole that you let set overnight with the eggs and bread in it. It’s so easy to pop in the oven in the morning!

  16. We always have sausage balls on Christmas morning – this would definitely help with breakfast this year – my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle come over to see what my son got from Santa for Christmas! With a new baby due in a week, it’s going to be super special this year, but being on unpaid maternity leave, the finances are tight – so here’s crossing my fingers to win a gift card that would provide breakfast for my family!! Thanks for the chance! :)

  17. Holidays and Sundays are our special breakfast days. We take turns choosing our favorite foods and now that we are older, we take turns doing the cooking. We turn the telephone off and share quality time together.

  18. Holidays and Sundays are special breakfast days. We take turns choosing our favorite foods and preparing the meal. We shut off the phone and enjoy quality family time.

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