Mom’s Breakfast Club: Meals in a Bowl

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BlogHer Reviewer All this talk about breakfast and cereal has made me think about the meals I love that come in a bowl.

  • Oatmeal. Plain. With a drop or two of honey.
  • Chili. I like this one and this one that we made last year, though I’m liking two new ones (not posted yet) from this year as well.
  • Soup in general. Our Texas Soup is the most popular in our family, but I just made a cheddar broccoli one two weeks ago that was to die for. I also love to make my grandma’s beef barley soup, but it’s not as good as hers. Woe.
  • Ramen! Sometimes I kick it college style, but I throw veggies in now because I’m an adult. Or something.
  • Leftovers. I almost always eat leftovers in a bowl. I don’t know why. I’m awesome that way.
  • Ice cream. ‘Nuff said.
  • Rice with milk and butter and sugar. This is a dessert we always used to have after a meal that involved rice. Oh, it was my favorite and quite possibly the only reason I endured my mom’s rice dishes back in the day.

Tangy, Spicy Beer Chili

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76 Replies to “Mom’s Breakfast Club: Meals in a Bowl”

  1. I LOVE Taco Soup and with the cooler temps I’m very excited for it! Although, I have an unexplainable love for Chocolate Cheerios. I really can’t explain it, they are just soooooo good!

  2. I’m a big fan of spag noodles with butter and parmasan/feta cheese in a bowl. I make this when it it only me eating , meaning I don’t make it often! I also adore chili and clam chowder :) I’m hungry now!

  3. My favorite meal in a bowl is my home-made chili with toppings like shredded cheese, chopped onions, jalapeno slices and a few tortilla chips!

  4. My favorite one-bowl meal is “The Mushroom Soup” from PW’s website….but if I knew how to make a fabulous chicken tortilla soup, I think it would be my favorite.

  5. I like the white chili my wife makes. She bakes a cheesy cornbread on top and puts exta cheese in between.
    hmman {at}centurytel {dot}net

  6. Probably my favorite food in a bowl is hot, buttered (and salted) popcorn! On a rainy day like today, a hot & hearty stew/soup/chili/beans helps me get warm. If it’s too hot to cook, I like to have Kellogg’s Bran Flakes or yogurt with fruit in a bowl. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I really did tweet–but, every time I tried to “paste” the URL here, I got the following message:
    “Please contact firemom @ to request usage of my photos…” or something like that…I’ve never seen that kind of message before. I don’t know what it means, nor do I know what to do about it.
    My twitter handle is @Lexiquin if you want to look for the tweet; otherwise, you can delete this entry.

  8. I’m an old fan of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

    When I’m sick, it is always the first thing I want and in the middle of a dark night, I think of Corn Flakes.

    I’m hopelessly hooked forever.


  9. Chili…I make mine with sliced carrots inside it and serve it with sliced rye bread and butter. I also love cauliflower cheese soup.

  10. My favorite meal in a bowl is leftovers after a turkey dinner: dressing, gravy & turkey all mixed up in a bowl. Thanks for the contest.

  11. Home made vegetable beef soup has to be my favorite with chili a close second. Now if we are talking dessert it would be ice cream of course.

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