Crowdsourcing Our Christmas Card, Shutterfly Style

Last year my friend Mandy had a Shutterfly party. I had already ordered my Christmas cards, but really, really liked what Shutterfly had to offer. I used a coupon to get cards for the boys’ teachers and was so impressed with the quality that we decided to go Shutterfly for our Christmas card needs this year.

I’ve always used Shutterfly for things like printing, photo books and calendars. Now we’re simply adding Christmas cards to the list. I’m still deciding which card we’re going to choose. Maybe my readers can help me? Crowd-sourcing our Christmas card. I like it.

Option #1: Joy to You

It’s fun, bright and leaves room for one family picture. I’d prefer if it said Christmas, but I love the whole “joy” part. Joy, joy, joy!

Option #2: Joy Sky Story

I like the colors of this one. A lot. I normally shy away from folded cards, but I like it for this card specifically so I can write “Merry Christmas” inside, put up to six more pictures inside and share a little bit of info about our year. You know, the stuff that only grandparents care about but already know without a “Christmas letter” in the first place? Yeah.

Option #3: Paper Snowflakes


Another folded card, but only room for one picture inside. It’s also a horizontal card, which I kind of prefer as well. As you can tell, I tend to lean towards the browns and blues more than reds and greens when it comes to Christmas cards.

Option #4: Vintage Merry Christmas

This is very simple. But has great colors, the fold that I didn’t know I liked until I was looking at cards this year and is just generally stylish.

Now how do I choose? Leave a comment with your choice. I don’t have anything to offer you as this isn’t a contest. I just need some opinion or I’ll keep sitting here looking at these four cards and whining at FireDad. Do it for FireDad, my friends.

If these four cards aren’t your style, don’t forget that Shutterfly has many other photo Christmas cards (and birthday invitations). If you’re not the Christmas celebrating family, remember that they have a large selection of simple holiday cards as well.

Please help me make a choice! I’ll let you know which one we end up with in the end!

PS: Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly!


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