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Pics of the Week: The One with the Outsideness

We spent a lot of time outside this past week. In fact, the weather wasn’t always perfect and we had to don hooded sweatshirts and long pants but we still got outside. We needed it. I’m glad we did because as I write this on Sunday morning, a day that is usually filled with outside activities, the rain is simply pouring.

I’ll publish this now to give me hope for the next week!

(I’m visible in this photo! Upside down but visible!)

More Bleeding Hearts
I know I keep taking pics of these but, man, they’re my favorite.

We taught BigBrother the magic of throwing helicopters in the air.

FireDad took one day off this week which meant he didn’t have to shave for five days. Hello, Sexy.

T-ball started again. Someone is happy.

Put Me In, Coach
Someone would be happier if he could actually play.

In fact, we’re all happy.

Really Happy
Did I mention this guy is happy?

I’m a day late posting these this week because I was gone all day yesterday. Here’s hoping we have another fun week of happy, outside memories!


Will They Ever Stop Yelling?

FireDad and I sat at the dining room table this morning, enjoying our breakfast over coffee. We heard the boys from the playroom, their voices carrying up the stairs at a high volume. They were making noises of the car variety and generally yelling at each other. They weren’t angry. They weren’t even arguing. They were just yelling across their not-that-large playroom at one another, trying to out-noise the other.

FireDad looked at me and said, “Will they ever stop yelling?” I snorted.

We then recalled a discussion in my parents’ kitchen this past January after my Grandpa’s funeral. My Dad has two brothers. The middle brother is three years younger and only 23 months separate the younger two. If you think I’m loud, you haven’t met my uncles. Eventually a discussion evolved as to whether Brett Favre was a putz or not. One uncle defended Favre while the other loudly proclaimed his putzness. They argued back and forth for awhile, hands flailing and insults flying. Eventually my Dad, the wise older brother spoke up with wisdom: “You’re both wrong.

FireDad and I laughed, remembering the noise level, the yelling and the general amusement at two grown adults, two brothers, arguing with passion. They really could have believed the same but would have argued with one another just for the sake of arguing. FireDad concluded that from the example of brothers within our family, our two will likely never stop yelling. About something. About nothing. About anything.

Just yesterday, we were playing in the yard. We were all wearing hooded sweatshirts because of the cold April weather. LittleBrother’s hoodie fell off and he asked for help putting it back on. BigBrother raced in to rescue his younger brother. LittleBrother, of course, wanted none of that, and proceeded to try and run away from the unwanted help. Yelling, whining and falling down happened. I, of course, snapped pictures while giggle-snorting.


I think I may eventually need to invest in ear plugs. I shudder to think how loud a family evening might get if one of these boys ends up being a fan of any Ohio sports team. It may be loud here but I kinda like it. I mean, have you met me? I’m not exactly quiet myself. (That may or may not be the understatement of the year.)

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