You’re 12

You’re 12

Dear BB,

You’re 12.

You’re 12

I’ve spent 12 years mothering you. I know when you’re happy, and when you’re faking a smile. I know when you’re sad, and when you’re trying to get us to feel sorry for you. Even though you have a wide array of facial expressions, I know what they all mean.

I’ve watched you excel. I’ve helped you when you struggled. I taught you things, like how to swim and ride a bike.

I have read you so many, many books. I have also written so many, many words about you.

You have taught me how to laugh at silly videos, life, and myself. You showed me parts of myself I didn’t know I didn’t know. You loved me even when I didn’t feel like the mom I wanted to be; you loved me all the times.

You went to your first school dance tonight, on your birthday. You had fun. I love watching you experience the little things of life. I’m also not sorry we “embarrassed” you by listening to our “embarrassing” music as we pulled up to the school. I wish the same moments for you as a parent, should you choose to be one, as you roll up to the school with your newly minted 12-year-old. It actually makes your tween years make sense.

You’ll understand us someday.

For now, know this: You are loved. You are loved even when you don’t like us. Even when we’re “embarrassing.” Even when you feel sad. Or angry. Or lonely. Even when you’d rather be with anyone but us but we’re forcing you to be with us because family matters. So very much. You are loved when you get straight A’s and you are loved when you can’t figure out the answers.

Most importantly, you are loved when you don’t feel like you’re loved because you’re always, always, always loved.

Happy Birthday: You’re 12

Thank you for being you. Here’s to another year!


Discount Glasses for the Family Boys Frames

As you might know, we have a new glasses-wearer in the family. Our youngest son got his glasses at the beginning of this school year. He’s done a great job at taking care of them, but I always like to have a backup pair of glasses on hand in case something happens.

Because something always happens. You know.

I recently discovered an online store for glasses and contacts that carries some great name brand frames. even ships straight out of Columbus, Ohio, meaning we can get our glasses super quickly—which is great if you forget to have a pair on hand. Other companies can take up to 24 days to ship.

I went looking for some options for our son and found a number of great frames. I was pleased to see frames from Skechers, Realtree, and Tony Hawk; he was pleased to see glasses in fun colors and the shape he likes. Boys Frames

I was also pleased with the prices. A lot of glasses start at $9.95 and these name-brand ones were super affordable! Why yes, I’ll pay $60 for fancy, boy-approved frames. Sure will!

For myself, I treat glasses as an extension of my wardrobe, much like my jewelry. I currently own six pairs of glasses that rotate based on what I’m wearing. The real test would be whether I could find frames I liked or not. Womens Frames

I mean, I can get rhinestone cat-eye glasses AND green ones! That’s a mark of success in my book. I loved their brands as well, which even include Cover Girl and Hello Kitty FOR ADULTS. How fun is that?

To boot, offers free shipping, both to and from if you should decide you don’t like your glasses. I love free shipping, especially if offered on returns. Can’t go wrong there.

I also like that their sister site,, has lowest prices guaranteed AND the same shipping policy. My husband, who doesn’t much care about glasses but does wear contacts, and I will definitely be taking advantage of those prices. We predict our older son will need glasses at some point as well, so saving money on contacts for all four of us at some point seems like a good deal!

If you’re looking to save money, get a backup pair of glasses in the house, or just like wearing super cute glasses, I’d recommend checking out I predict the younger son will be sporting a cool new pair sometime soon and, well, as soon as I can decide between rhinestone cat-eyes and super fun green frames, I’ll probably have a pair on the way, too!

(Sponsored post. All opinions are my own.)

Halloween Will Always Be Halloween

Halloween 2017

I sent my husband, my mother-in-law, and my sons off down the road last night as I sat on the porch, candy bucket in hand. Last year I walked the boys around our neighborhood, so it was his turn this year. I watched them walk away, squinting into the setting sun, and sighed.

My mom-friends with sixth grade children, specifically boys, lamented this being their sons’ last year trick-or-treating. My husband can’t remember if his last year was in sixth or seventh grade. Anectdotally, the only seventh grade boy in the neighborhood did not trick-or-treat this year.

I filled candy bags and pumpkins and pillow cases with some of my favorite candies as the sun dipped lower and the air got colder. Elsa. Some unicorns. A gum ball machine. Lots of super heroes—and specifically, lots of Wonder Woman. A flower. A very small It clown, which nope. Two gorillas. Two fire puppies. A lumberjack.

I loved them all, big and small, candy-grabbing and thanking. There’s really nothing more purely childhood than Halloween trick-or-treating.

The boys returned to the house, stole some of the candy from my bowl, and went inside. They asked to watch scary movies (no) and eat candy (yes). I continued handing out candy and a feeling settled over me.

He may not want to dress up and traipse around the neighborhood with his brother next year. He might though. I’m not going to lead his decision either way. It’s his. Just like it was the younger kid’s decision to be Indiana Jones and the older kid’s to be some kind of Skull solider thing. I used to be able to dress them as I wanted for Halloween. Those days are over.

Halloween 2017

And it’s okay. They make good choices that fit them well. I wish them that in all aspects of their lives.