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A New Year

A new year and a fresh start.

It’s like the reasoning behind those New Year resolutions that some hate to make but others, like me, live for: you get a clean slate. Even if you didn’t finish all of your resolutions from last year, even if you failed miserably, you get that chance to start anew. You can make a new list of things to accomplish and you can get to work on them right away. It’s also one reason why I dig snow as much as I do: it makes everything all fresh and clean.

And here we are. Fresh and clean. We’re still us, of course. You’ll still see our faces. After all, I am a Pseudo-Photographer! But we’ll be referring to each other as FireMom, FireDad, BigBrother and LittleBrother. People will get nicknames along the way. If you know our names, I ask you to refer from using them in the comments. While I’m not totally anonymous on here as I have links to my other blogs, I’d just prefer to do it this way. As I said, it’s a new year. A new slate. A new way of doing things.

All that said, please leave a comment with your blog link if you would like to be linked. I’ve refrained from setting up my blogroll as of yet because I didn’t want to out our fabulous new blog name via pingbacks. (It is rather catchy, no?) We’ve got ourselves set up with a whole page dedicated to a blogroll, so I don’t care if we’ve never commented back and forth before! Let’s link up! That said, feel free to add us and/or update your blogrolls with our new address on the web.

Starting tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of stuff to start blogging about that I’ve been keeping to myself as we made this transition. I didn’t want to spout something amazing and then have it disappear when I got rid of our archives in the blog move. No reason to waste my genius! (Sarcasm. Heavy sarcasm.)

In short: Happy New Year from our family to yours. Welcome to our new home. We hope you’ll leave a comment with your blog so we can be Internet Neighbors. Because, really, you should want to have a Fire Fighter as a neighbor. It’s safer that way.

If you saw this in your feed reader, can you let me know. I think the switch worked but, ah, who knows!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the newly launching FireFamily. Here’s hoping that 2008 brings you health, happiness and fire safety!