Holidays Rants

Please Stop Forcing Holidays Down my Throat

The Halloween stuff was out just behind the Back-to-School stuff. And before the dawn of the first of November, Christmas decorations were up and in your face, luring you to spend too much on too many people. And when I hit the sales shortly after Christmas, do you know what I saw? Do you know what was already up and ready for purchasing?

Oh, the Valentine’s Day stuff.

Before the first of the year! (I’m just getting to writing about it now because of the big blog move and, ya know, I didn’t want to think over a month in advance about a holiday that doesn’t really mean anything!) But yes, Valentine’s Day candy is already in the store. (Of note, we haven’t finished eating our Christmas candy just yet. And, to be frank, we still have a few pieces of Halloween candy in the cupboard.) And, if you’re an overplanner, Gap & Old Navy even have their Valentine’s day clothing available on their website. (Along with spring lines of clothing. Spring? As I look out the window, I am gazing upon six inches of snow. Spring is not on my mind.)

Why must we rush everything? I am busy enough as it is! You know, between the work that I do from of my home (writing, managing and so on), the work that I do in the home (laundry, meals and so on), a two-year-old who isn’t afraid of the Naughty Chair, a newborn who seems to love breastfeeding more than sleeping, a husband that I occasionally like to spend some alone time with, friends, family, church, parties and did I mention the six inches of snow on my back porch? Why are stores so intent on reminding me that, “Hey! There’s something else, just around the bend, that you need to take care of AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!” Why do they insist on saying, “Sure, you haven’t yet put away the decorations from the last holiday but it’s time do prepare for the next!”

Obviously, they want to make money. But it’s not working with this lady.

If you stress me out, if you make me anxious, I just straight up shut down. I don’t want to think about February when it’s only January. I don’t want to think about spring clothing when I’m wondering where all of our gloves have gone. I want to make sure I’m taking care of the present tense before I worry about the future. I want to actually enjoy the present. I’m tired of the constant push to get things done ahead of time. I’ll get stuff done when I get it done! If ever! Leave me alone!

And really, this rant is brought to you by the fact that, oh, you know what’s coming next. As soon as the push for the spring line is over, bathing suits will be right behind. And this just-delivered-a-baby Mama is unwilling to even consider bathing suit season just yet.

(Okay, ranting aside, who thinks that the boys should wear matching shirts on Valentine’s Day? Me too.)

Goals Photography

Project365 Should Be Project 366 This Year

In addition to my goals mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided to go ahead and take on another task. I don’t think it will be all that hard for me to accomplish since my camera is usually attached to my eyeball but, I’m sure some days will provide a challenge. What am I talking about?

Project365 .

You may remember when I briefly attempted to take 365 Self Portraits last year. But then FireDad and I successfully conceived LittleBrother and, well, the First Trimester Ick, also known as PukeFest 2007, took over and I really didn’t feel like posing for the camera. So, what’s different about this photo challenge? It doesn’t have to be a self portrait, thank goodness. I mean, do you really want to see what I look like right now? (Pink fuzzy robe, bed head, blue flannel PJ pants with snowflakes, glasses and I think there’s some spit-up on my nursing bra from the middle of last night. Sexy, I know!)

01.02.08 - Project 365I take a million pictures per day. While that might be a slight exaggeration, if you know me, you probably are nodding your head in agreement. I enjoy photography. I’m semi-good at it. And so, since I’m already taking pictures everyday, I thought I’d challenge myself to take one to show off. Every. Single. Day. for. a. Year. Which, this year, equals 366 days/photos because we’re going to get all Leap Year crazy at the end of February.

I won’t be posting all of them here. Though I will on occasion. You can keep up with me via the flickr set. That said, I thought I’d post yesterday’s photo because, a) it’s still snowy here, and b) look at BigBrother practically flying off the slide! (For those who haven’t yet figured out who we are because of the feed change, this photo doesn’t really identify BigBrother very well, does it? Click over to the blog to see who this kid is!)

If you’re also participating in this challenge, leave a comment. I’d love to keep up with your year of photos as well! Perhaps, if quite a few other Mommy Bloggers are participating, we can help each other with ideas or weekly themes? Something to keep us going when we just want to take a nap with the little ones?