Please Read and Consider Contributing

I was perusing the FSOT forums on TheBabywearer just now. I came across this post (you must join to read) where a mother is trying to raise money to go to Korea… for her son’s first mother’s wedding. *BLINK BLINK* She’s selling a Peekaru Vest and a MamaJacket via raffle. Tickets are $5.00 each. Consider buying a ticket even if you don’t want the coat or the vest… and if you win, give it to me! Why consider that? Because, how many internationally adopting parents travel back for their child’s first mother’s wedding? My guess is that the number is minimal considering how few have contact, especially when their children are still very young. Celebrate with this family. But really, if you win and you don’t really want it, give it to meeeeee. (Again, to read the post, you must join TBW. It’s free.)