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Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke Tongue Twister – #BBwBBChallenge

Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke

“Food connects us all to family, friends, culture, and traditions.”

This is the quote that starts off the new series, Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke. I couldn’t agree more. Especially during this time of year.

I’ve been missing my grandmother more than usual right now; it’s our second Christmas without her. As I start baking cookies and planning both a Christmas Eve and Day meal, I find myself frequently reaching for the phone to ask her a question, share a new tip, or celebrate a new kitchen triumph. Or travesty. Those happen, too. I think she’d be proud of the culinary accomplishments I’ve made since she passed away. I know she’d love her dining room suit in our dining room; we currently have the table covered in one of her Christmas tablecloths.

In the first episode of Burke’s new show, she features Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch. Henderson then shares stories about food at a restaurant her family has come to love over the years. I love the stories that come out over food. There’s not a dinner with my family that doesn’t end up in a storytelling session, full of loud laughter and occasional name-calling. Because, you know: family. As Henderson said, “When you’re eating, defenses come down!”

I really like how Brooke Burke is merging both food and storytelling with this new show. It gives us something to connect to instead of just your typical food shows. I love storytelling!

Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke Tongue Twister Challenge – #BBwBBchallenge

I also love trying to say the name of the show. It’s a tongue twister. See for yourself.

So, Hallmark asked us to make our own video. Fantastic.

You’re welcome.

You can also create your own video and submit it for a chance to win some pretty snazzy prizes. Can you beat me not being able to count? Try it and see.

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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Jump


I often look longingly at other photographers’ “jump” photos. I’ve tried a number of times to get the boys to jump for a photo. We’ve had timing troubles. Participatory refusal. An inability to gain much air. And so I’d given up hope I’d ever score a real jump photo of these boys.

Until this past weekend.

The first sunny day in—literally—weeks fell on the same day we visited The Farm before my nephew’s second birthday. The boys took full advantage of the hot, sunny weather by spending their entire time in the pool. While there, BigBrother managed to nail his shallow dive and LittleBrother worked hard on swimming from one edge to the other. Their swimming has improved by leaps and bounds this (weird/cold/rainy) summer, and I’m so excited to see them really take to the water.

As I looked at the clock and decided we needed to get ready to head to my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the boys begged for a few more jumps. I told them that was fine as long as I could take some photos. They happily obliged. I got a number of great photos, like the one above—and a great slow-mo video. I originally posted the short version on Instagram, and I’ve uploaded the full version to YouTube to share here.

Classic. My husband said we could super impose a building exploding behind them and their faces would match. He’s right.

I now have jump photos and video. Life is good.