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At Least the Train Was Awesome

We recently took a ride on the Byesville Scenic Railway. In fact, we took a ride on the Spirit of Christmas, a special train ride with Santa. I have to tell you, the boys loved the train. They’re fans of Thomas and, as such, anything train related is automatically awesome. The whole day was exciting for them, especially as we raced to the train as we were running a bit late.

As LittleBrother waited to go, he watched out the window with anticipation.

Watching, Waiting

And then the train started to move. HOORAY!


BigBrother loved watching the countryside roll, ever-so-slowly, by. I loved watching him watch the countryside roll, every-so-slow, by. I could almost hear his amazement. Well, let me rephrase. I could always hear his amazement when he vocalized it because he is my son, of course, and he is ever-so-loud. But even in the still small moments like this one, captured below, I could hear how amazed he was that he was on a real train. It was a moment I hope never to forget.


As you can see, he was a happy camper.


Then Santa came. I’d like to say that Santa was the highlight. But, well, he wasn’t. Maybe that’s okay. We’ve had one good Santa experience this year. Maybe I was pressing my luck expecting this one to be equally as awesome. From the first picture, you can’t really tell…


… but Santa was scary.

Scary Santa

In fact, LittleBrother wasn’t certain of this Santa, seeing as how he looked like he stepped right out of 1970.


But, in the end, they were pleased with the candy cane and went back to being excited about the train ride. I’m glad we took the trip together, as a family, during this hectic time of year. FireDad and I had cold feet due to the air rushing under the train but otherwise we were warm enough. It was just a lovely detour in our otherwise fast-moving, sometimes too hectic schedules.

Even if Santa was scary.

That said, I also shared some happy Christmas memories that involve Ohio on the new, not officially launched, Ohio Moms Blog. I’m the first blogger post on the site so if you could stop by and say hi, especially if you’re an Ohio-an, that would be great.

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