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Thoughts on a Month of Daily Blogging

Red Cup Season Thoughts

What did I learn while blogging every single day during one of the hardest months I’ve experienced in a long time?

I learned some of the same things that I learned in my non-blog, offline life.

I learned that I can do hard things. I learned that I can keep going even when I feel as though I can’t or shouldn’t or don’t even want to do so. I learned that I possess certain skills that I can access when I need to in order to protect myself, to move forward, and to persevere.

I learned that sharing with others, in small, private ways and in big, public ways, connects us, helps us, saves us. I learned that trusting others, even when everything in my being says not to trust anyone, can result in good things. I learned when you open yourself up to others, you get openness in return.

I learned that sometimes we have to do things when we don’t want to… and that sometimes we are rewarded, other times we are met with silence and a lack of recognition, and still yet, sometimes negative things happen even when we’re doing what we believed to be right. And still, it’s right to do certain things at certain times, even when it doesn’t feel right in the moment.

I learned that sometimes you lose to gain.

I learned that sometimes life and love and everything in between can surprise you.

Thank you, NaBloPoMo.


NaBloPoMo Parenting

You Are Seven, and You Love Big

Happy Birthday, Booey!

Dear LittleBrother,

Seven. Today you are seven. I can’t even believe it.

You’ve grown a lot this year. Physically, you grew at least four inches from the beginning of spring to the end of fall. That’s a lot of growing in a short amount of time. All that growing allowed you to ride your first big roller coaster, and I’m so thrilled I got to sit with you as we climbed that first giant hill. It also meant that you outgrew all of your pants and shirts and jammies. You’re growing so fast, I’m having trouble keeping up with you!

You also grew in lots of other ways. You learned to ride your bike. You mastered math and spelling in first grade this year. You did great things on the soccer and baseball fields. You really took your reading to new heights and work hard to find books that interest you.

What I love most about you is the way you love.

Goodness, kid. You could teach the world so much about love; you’d change everyone’s heart if you could. You offer help at any chance: with dinner, with laundry, with absolutely anything, just to be in our presence. You tell us, all day everyday, that you love us. You write us notes. You give us hugs and kisses, even in public still! You tell your teachers that you love us. It’s amazing and self-thought changing to be loved that deeply. Thanks for that.

You’re also our jokester. Oh, the things you’ll do and say for a laugh. I love the way your eyes light up when you tell a joke. I assume that someday you’ll learn the appropriate time for jokes, and the appropriate time for serious. In the mean time, I’ll try to keep a straight face while I work to teach you those lessons. Thanks for making us laugh all year long—maybe during some times when we needed it the most.

I look forward to seeing how you grow and change and love this year. I am thankful to have another chance to spin the globe as your mommy.

Thank you for being you.

I love you,
Mommy (and Daddy)

PS: You’ve lost two teeth since I took that picture!