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Friday Five


Five great things I read this week

How to Create a Memorable Character Voice: What I Learned Writing Storming by K.M. Weiland. I found this a really interesting read as a writer and as a reader.

This Is About the Time I Chose Not to Die by Mike Monteiro. “Like I said, I didn’t grow up in an environment that dealt with mental issues very well. Turns out very few of us did.” So. True.

How to Be a More Productive Freelancer in 20 Minutes by Elan Morgan. It’s a really great post, but then you have to go do stuff. So read at your own risk.

The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnels: How to Find Them. You guys. I travel the turnpike all the time and I didn’t know this was a THING. Fascinating.

Mothering with Mental Illness by Dominique Matti. ” The truth is, depression has been with me for so long that I often have trouble seeing the difference between the illness and who I am.” Oh, I had a similar experience.

Links NaBloPoMo

Sunday Links: November 16, 2014

In the Clouds

Lots to share this week. A combination between #NaBloPoMo and people writing and sharing great things, my list of great reads is a bit long, but worth it. Please read and enjoy. (And, in one case, listen. And please do.)

The Shame of Baby Number Three: So much in this post spoke to me, for different reasons than the author shares (which, people, quit being so judgy!). This line: “Who gets to decide who is is worthy or “deserves” to have a baby?” Yes. That times eleventy billion.

It’s About Her: Why I Stopped Watching the NFL: I love this post for its honesty, for the discussion of the choices we make for our children and how that’s important.

Happiness Quote: Thoughts for Today: I love giving. So much. So this quote and the author’s thoughts around it made me nod.

Christmas Crazy, Vol. 6: It’s my favorite time of year: Christmas Crazy at Burgh Baby. I’ve already purchased two items off the wishlist and had them sent. I encourage you to read the post, think about these children, and donate if you can. If not, I encourage you to share this post. Thank you.

Who Wants to Know What I Learned at a Writer’s Conference?: I did. Thanks, Alexandra, for sharing those gems of knowledge.

What to Do About November: Goodness. Sometimes poetry is just what you need to make sense of what is going on and how on Earth you’re going to get through it. “Blink your tears…” Yep.

I’ll Throw My Voice Into the Stars: Yes. I love watching people day in and day out, seeing how they change. I love your face and your selfies on Instagram. Please share them.

Happy Tech: November 2014: This is my new desktop wallpaper. “And so she decided to start living the life she’d imagined.” Well, goodness. Yes.

Lastly, something important. My uncle arranged and recorded this version of “Amazing Grace” as a tribute to his mother, my grandmother, who passed away last week. Please take a moment to listen to it.

Thank you.

Did you read or write something great this week? I’d love to read it.