Second Month Goal Check-In

March is here! It’s time to look back at my 2015 goals and see how I’m plodding along.

1. Submit Once Per Month

I did. And got my first rejection of the year. That’s cool.

But really, it is, as I got some good feedback and made a new contact. I’ve learned over the years that writing rejection isn’t personal rejection. It’s a normal part of the process. It also allows me the time and space to take any offered feedback and apply it to the re-writing process.

I have no idea where I’m submitting in March. Apparently March is when goal-hitting gets tough?

2. Run Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Training proved a bit difficult during February, but I’m keeping on. Being named one of the Pittsburgh Marathon Official Bloggers also ranks as a happy little bonus when it comes to this goal.

3. Set a New PR in Full Marathon

I suppose the running and strength training I’m doing now for the Pittsburgh Half counts toward this goal. Training won’t start for a fall Full until mid-summer. But I’m clutching this goal close to my heart; I want it so badly. In fact, I’m struggling with a bit of guilt and self-doubt as my husband trains for the Pittsburgh Full, his first. But maybe that’s a post for a training day.

4. Prioritize Date Night—1x/month

Two Date Nights!

We managed two date nights in February. BOOM.

5. Prioritize Family Time

Family Time Is the Best Time

The weather helped with this yet again. A whole week off from school? Family time. Playtime in the snow? Family time. We’ve been stuck inside all week so we’re going to do things like go to the store together and call it family time? Yep. Hoping March allows us some time and safe driving to do a few more things that we didn’t really get to do this month. I think we’re all tired of being cooped up.

6. Revisit Goals Regularly

And done. (See also: February.)


March also brings some mini-goals, or Things I’d Like to Do/Get Done in March.

  • 1. Find and install new light fixtures for the master bathroom.
  • 2. Create the art display board for the dining room. (Currently it only exists in my head.)
  • 3. #17DaysofGreen—though I’m approaching it differently this year. I won’t be Instagramming daily outfit photos, though I’ll be wearing green for 17 days. I’m going to photograph and post green things in my life each day.
  • 4. Continue the Sunday Dinner* tradition that started sometime late last year. (Moves to Saturday on Sundays my husband works.)
  • 5. Get rid of books, my clothes, and boys’ clothes I’ve already cleaned out that are just taking up space. I feel pretty darn proud I found the time to clean these things out, but now they actually need to get out. TTFN.

And so that’s where I am right now. March came in like a lion today, and while certain aspects of the month already seem challenging, I’m excited for a new month.

Happy March!


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First Month Goal Check-In

It’s the first of February, which means lots of resolutions already find themselves abandoned or forgotten. I pulled up my 2015 goals post to see how I’m doing.

  • 1. Submit Once Per Month.

I’m shocked I stuck with this one. I submitted my work twice this month, and ended up landing a gig with Brain, Child Magazine. Way back when, I made it a goal to write something for Brain, Child. I achieved that goal last year. And now I will write for one of the smartest mothering publications on a monthly basis.

As far as February goes, I already have plans to submit two different places as well. I know. I’m shocked too.

I started training yesterday. Good job!

Half and Full Marathon Goals

  • 3. Set New PR in Full Marathon

I just registered for the Columbus Marathon. Yes, the Full Marathon. So, I’ll begin working on that later this year. Registering always marks that first step. I’m pretty excited.

  • 4. Prioritize Date Night—1x/month


Check! We enjoyed a lovely dinner and shopping trip, followed by a run the next morning. And February’s date night is already scheduled for next weekend. Go team!

  • 5. Prioritize Family Time

School cancellations helped prioritize family time for us!


Joking aside, we worked hard to make sure a family trip we scheduled last year stayed on track even though changing work schedules meant we traveled separately. I want to work something fun into our calendar this month, and should start working on that now. The boys and I also decided to re-read the first Harry Potter book together, as LittleBrother was super little the first time we read through it together. We also picked out some other great read-aloud books at the library this past week, and we’ll be adding in our weekly library trip (which got ditched by the holidays and snow and darn it, we’re just adding it back in).

I’ve also been personally prioritizing family time by making sure I stay on top of things like laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and straightening the house. And I’ve been enjoying making family meals, both ones we all know and love and new ones to all of us. I even added in some baking this month, but mostly because I let the bananas get too ripe. Shh, don’t tell.

  • 6. Revisit Goals Regularly

Good job, me.

I feel 2015 started off in some good ways. I have lots of other little goals (which I’ll discuss here and there), but I feel like these six will keep me on track so I can also focus on other things. I’m liking the way I feel looking back over the past month. It wasn’t an easy month, but progress is progress.

I’ll take it!