Friday Five

Friday Five: December 11, 2015

Friday Five Pictures I Didn’t Post Elsewhere

Friday Five Pictures I Didn't Post This Week

Top Left: A frosty spiderweb.
Bottom Left: The boys swimming at Salt Fork State Park Lodge for a birthday party.
Center: Donald Duck firefighter ornament.
Right: My husband and Callie. #thingscalliebarksat


Friday Five Things I Read This Week

Don’t Let Kids Read Football: I’m having a struggle with this right now. The boys played flag football this year, and it was (mostly) fine. But BigBrother will be forced to play tackle or nothing next fall. Sometimes he says he doesn’t want to, and sometimes he wants to be with his friends. It all makes me feel ill.

How to Get Through the Holidays When You’re Grieving: “It’s okay to cry during Silent Night.” Oh, good. Because I have been. I haven’t been able to sing it since we lost Grandpa, and then last year, our first Christmas without Grandma, I went full on weep.

115 Ways to Heal Your Own Broken Heart: My favorite being, “remember yourself. remember yourself. remember yourself.”

Calvin & Hobbes Embodied the Voiced of the Lonely Child: You know I love a good piece on my favorite cartoon tiger and kid.

Black & Blue: I hope I would be brave enough to both notice and call out something like this happening to a child. But goodness. Read this if you’re a parent with kids in sports or a youth coach.

Friday Five

Friday Five: December 4, 2015

Friday Five Photos I Didn’t Post Elsewhere

Friday Five Photos I Didn't Post Elsewhere

Top left: LittleBrother bowling. Top Right: Me at the tree farm.
Center: Callie sleeping on the big bed.
Bottom left: The tree. Bottom Left: My husband makes funny faces, I kiss at him anyway.


Friday Five Things I Liked Reading

31 Totally and Completely Purposeful Acts of Kindness Ideas to Brighten This Holiday Season: I like this. I’m always looking for acts of kindness to add in to our Advent calendar. These are simple, fun, and well, kind.

Why It’s Good to Have a Stubborn Child: Oh, good! If I can just survive their childhood(s).

My Light Grows Dim: I relate to this piece in eleven different ways. Maybe more.

What to Say When Your Kid Gets Busted: This is a good post to read as parents. And ohmygoodness, thank you to my sons’ teachers.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Mat: This is a good post to read whether you practice yoga or not. In short: Stop comparing yourself to others. It serves no purpose other than making you feel less than.