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Best Firefighter Costumes, Week 2

Last week I hit on some of my favorite firefighter costumes for your kiddos. I’m adding a few more to the list this week.

I thought I’d start out with a tan/yellow set of turnout gear. Why? I know all of the firefighter costumes out there are black. But my husband’s department, as well as many other professional departments, sports a tan/yellow set of gear. It was actually kind of difficult to find a costume that was tan/yellow that wasn’t also horridly corny or generally awful. This particular costume is one that we actually own (but in, yes, black) and I can therefore attest to the high quality of the material. The clasps on the front are functional and one of the more realistic looking fasteners on the front of a firefighter’s costume that I have seen in my years perusing firefighter costumes. The best part about this costume? The reflectors actually, get this, reflect. So not only is this particular costume warm and made of high quality stuff: it’s safe to wear trick-or-treating as well! (Also makes for some interesting pictures with flash. Trust me.)

While I do love last week’s boots, here’s a cheaper option that actually comes in black and red. Again, they’re actually a pair of rainboots and, as such, you can get some double duty out of these because what kid wouldn’t love to sport these to jump in puddles. (Heck, I want to and I’m not a kid.) A special note: These particular ones are from Target. If you are wanting to have these in your house by Halloween, I suggest ordering them now as Target has the slowest shipping of any online store. Ever. I wouldn’t ever order from Target if they didn’t have such a nice selection of random things. Slow.

Last but not least this week, I’m going with Etsy again. Because this little fire costume? Is fabulous. Unrealistic? Of course. I don’t know a firefighter out there, male or female, who would be sporting silver pants. But, goodness, this is absolutely fabulous. Red jacket. Silver sewn on “Fire Dept” on the back with reflective tape. And, man, those silver pants. Once again, it is a safe option with that reflective tape. (And safety should always be key on Halloween. Well, and always, right?) I just can’t get over how awesome this costume is and homemade to boot. What’s even better? The fire dalmation from the same store. Oh, if only the boys were the right sizes for those two things, I’d scrap our entire Halloween costume plan and go with those two options. The cuteness is overwhelming!

Hope you enjoyed the costumes this week. Remember that Halloween is just around the corner. If you need something shipped, especially from Target, it would be a good idea to get with it!

On Mondays through October 27, 2008, I will be highlighting the best of the best when it comes to firefighter costumes and accessories for your children (and maybe even for you). I will also have one post that includes the Worst of the Worst (next week!) when it comes to firefighter costumes. If you are a company with a costume you’d like me to review, please hit me up via the contact form. Otherwise, I’m just picking what I like (and don’t) online.

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It’s Fire Prevention Week: Prevent Home Fires

The National Fire Protection Association kicks off Fire Prevention Week today. Well, yesterday. But in my world, weeks start on Monday. All the same, October 5-11 is a time this year for you to concentrate on how to “Prevent Home Fires,” which is this year’s theme.

An important theme, don’t you think? Especially when you take into account the number of fires in general that took place in 2007. Of the 1,557,500 (reported/big/etc) fires in 2007, 414,000 were in homes like yours and mine. Furthermore, in seventeen of those house fires, five or more people died. We don’t have five people living in our home. But we do have people who visit. Do you want to become a Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fire statistic? I don’t.

I’ll be writing a post each day this week about home fire safety. (Including a post about Fire Pup, from our Fire Department, visiting BigBrother’s preschool on Thursday. I’ll have the insider view, even though I won’t be there, as rumor on the street is that the guy inside the costume is someone we all know and love.) In the meantime, you need to take some time this week to read the Fire Prevention Week 2008 blog. And you need to start asking yourself if your family is prepared (as you can be) in the event of a house fire. My guess is that, no, you are not. Because a certain fire family that you know and love, ahem, could probably put a little work into their own home safety this week. Not naming any names.

If you have any fire related questions regarding home safety that you haven’t wanted to hijack a post in the comments with, please feel free to ask it now. I’ll try to address it this week as we focus on the importance of fire safety.

Pass the word on. Preventing home fires is never a bad thing.

(Of note: Photos of the house fire are from the 2007 county fire school burn that I shot. Not a “real” house fire.)