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10 Days of Disney Video Tour + Giveaway

10daysofdisney125x125The wonderful ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom have a great little thing going on right now. They are hosting a 10 Days of Disney Video Tour. What’s that?

Each day we’re going to release one video from our recent Disney trip and after we have posted them all, we will give away TEN magical gift bags, each worth over $200. (One winner for each post and we will announce the winners on September 26th.)

You have ten chances to win a “magical gift bag” worth over $200. I don’t know about you but the thought of winning something that awesome puts my mind into Christmas mode. Not only do I have two boys to buy for but friends, family and other children need gifts too. (And me. Surely something would work for me, right?)

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and enter!

[(If you win and your bag has something Buzz Lightyear related, think of us, okay? Just sayin’!)]

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Did FireDad Win Redbook’s Hottest Husband?

It’s official. FireDad did not win Redbook’s Hottest Husband contest. I logged onto Redbook this morning to find that the winner, Rob Myers, has been announced. (Congrats to Rob and family! FireDad is not surprised as the winner is a Navy pilot. That gets a thumbs up from the FireFamily!) I had figured, as we hadn’t heard a single word from the magazine in either direction, that no news wasn’t good news but I had held a candle of hope just in case.

I informed FireDad this morning as we enjoyed a quiet, no-kids morning (as they have been kidnapped by my mother-in-law). He smiled and said it was okay. I asked him if he was upset. He said, unsurprisingly, that it was fine. I said, “That’s a shame, because I was going to make it up to you later.” He would like Redbook, our readers and the world to know that he is now very saddened by his loss. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

We had a good time with it. He had a good time with it. He took it all in stride, has endured months of, “So, did you win,” questions and has done it all with his beautiful smile. These, of course, are just a few of the reasons that I love him. I love that he can take something as cheesy as a “hot husbands contest” and barely bat an eyelash. I love that he agreed to pose for the newspaper. I love that he loves me despite all of my crazy antics. I love his sense of humor. I love how he is with our boys, how he is with the Munchkin and how he loves with his whole heart. I love everything there is to love about him, even when he leaves his socks on the bathroom floor. (Mainly because he puts up with me leaving my towel on… every… floor.) That’s love, folks.

He may not have won the popular vote on Redbook… but he’ll always be my hottest husband. (I mean, right?!)

Blue Us, This Morning

Blue Kisses

How FireDad Feels

And that’s how he feels about that comment.

Thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to vote. Thanks to everyone who tweeted, blogged, emailed, talked on the phone and generally spammed their real life friends with the URL to vote for my (hottest) husband. Thank you to all who have laughed with us and poked fun at my husband as he honestly had a good time. Thanks to WHIZ-TV for airing a piece about the contest and the Daily Jeffersonian for photographing my (hottest) husband for an article that ran on the front page of our local newspaper. And, lastly, thank you to my mother-in-law and father-in-law for not only combining genes but raising one wonderful, strong, funny, intelligent, mannerly and loving man.

I am the luckiest.