Help Me #ClimbOut of the Darkness in 2016

As you know, I work for Postpartum Progress. This year, I’m excited to finally participate in their annual fundraiser, Climb Out of the Darkness. I’ve missed previous years due to the fact that we’ve always been on vacation when the #ClimbOut near me took place. Not the case this year, so I can get my Climb on!

#ClimbOut of the Darkness, 2016

The Climb funds the non-profits mission to create healthier families by raising awareness, reducing stigma, providing social support and connecting mothers to help for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression. Not only does it bring moms still fighting postpartum depression and other mood and anxiety disorders together with survivors and their support people, but it funds a lot of what we do as a non-profit all year long. I can let you know, as Katherine just sent us the final draft of our Strategic Plan, we have lots we plan to do! We just need the money to do it.

I fought postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD/PPA) after the births of both boys. Both times it came as a severe shock, for different reasons. With our older son, I didn’t know to expect such a thing. I’d felt so excited my entire pregnancy, so to experience a panic attack while still in the hospital felt completely shocking. With our younger son, I thought that since I’d experienced it once, so I knew what to do to avoid it. Nope. I ignored my symptoms a little longer with that one because I wanted to “power through.” It didn’t work. I got help both times, and am better for it. I now spend my days helping mamas. It’s really full circle.

And so, here are three ways for you to participate in my Climb:

  • Sponsor Me! You can donate to my climb. It’s a one time donation, not per mile or anything. I’ll be putting together a special thank you for all of my sponsors.

  • Join Me! If you live locally, consider joining me on June 18th in Newark, Ohio. Our Climb Leader has done this before and is a great leader. It should be a great day full of fun, sun, family, friends, and memory making. One of my friends already signed up to join me. Please let me know if you do so I can know to expect you. (The boys and my husband will be with me, too.)

  • Donate Something! If you’re a business or an individual who wants to donate something to help make the Climb day full of fun, I will put you in contact with our Climb leader. Water, snacks, music, juice boxes for kids, etc. I’m sure no donation will be turned away. We can’t use any of the money raised on our actual Climb day (obviously, as all money goes to Postpartum Progress), so we rely on donations.

Additionally, you can join in a #ClimbOut in your area as well. Go check out the many locations we’ll be Climbing this year.

I’m so excited to participate this year. I’ve already raised $50 of my $1000 goal. I set a lofty goal because I felt like I had to make up for the previous years in which I couldn’t participate. If you can help, I would feel really grateful, especially considering I know how the money will be used to help mamas who need it.

Thank you so much!


Sometimes Help Comes in the Form of a Click

I like helping families, helping kids, basically helping in general.

Sometimes I help by donating toys. Sometimes I help by donating money. Sometimes I volunteer and thus donate my time.

Today I’m donating a little bit of my blog space and a click to donate some love to Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

You see, the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana chapter of Make-A-Wish is up for a grant sponsored by The LIDS Foundation. You know, LIDS the store with all the hats. (Though I want to tell them to start selling more non-flat-billed hats because isn’t that trend over yet? Please?) Anyway, LIDS Sports Group has a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Right now, they’re planning on giving $125,000 to the winner of a popular vote in their Tip the Hat contest.

This is where I come in—and you come in.

Simply visit their voting page and select Make-A-Wish to help support these kids with life-threatening illnesses. I struggle to imagine what it’s like to be so young and fighting for my life; I struggle more to imagine what it’s like for the parents watching their child fight so hard. Knowing that Make-A-Wish helps kiddos and their families in these fun, meaningful ways gives me hope not just for the families but for our future as a whole. I believe that giving of this sort fosters more hope, more giving, more love; our world needs more love.

Oh, and hey, meet Izamel.


He’s a four-year-old battling acute lymphoid leukemia. He wished for a shopping spree, including a stop at LIDS. They treated him like the VIP he truly is. Good job, LIDS. Good job, Make-A-Wish. Good job, Izamel.

More smiling kids. More love being given. Vote today.