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Who Broke the Internet?

LiveJournal is down for scheduled maintenance for a server move. Twitter is broken -slash- down for maintenance. Digsby, my internet messenger of choice, is having connectivity issues. And I just heard that WoW is going down for maintenance today as well (even though I don’t play but MAYBE I WANTED TO TODAY!). ETA: And I just found out that The Burgh Blog is no more. NOOO! Apparently I’m meant to do some work today. Either that or I’m meant to play in the snow. What do you think?


Interested in Disney?

One of my best friends is unable to travel for a vacation she had booked. And so, her loss is your gain. She is selling the week long 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo just outside of Disney for $1000.00! The week is December 28th through January 4th. What a way to ring in the New Year! If you are interested in purchasing it or have more questions, please email me at firemom [at] stopdropandblog [dot] com! If you could please pass this on, that would be great. Really trying to help her out and get this sold!