Shirts We Need

Oh. I think LittleBrother needs this one, this one and, oh, definitely this one. BigBrother might need this one but this one doesn’t make sense since LittleBrother exists until you realize that we conceived LittleBrother before BigBrother started throwing tantrums. Now? A totally appropriate shirt. And, really, I wish I could have either of these… but I’m allergic to wine and beer. I lose. All that said, hit up this store. Thanks to Kerflop for the heads up.

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Pray for Judy

You may notice a pink star on my sidebar. It’s for Judy. Judy was recently diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She just received word that it has metastasized in her lungs and liver. Judy is one of my favorite people as she loves books and can snark with the best of them. If you could offer up a prayer, send good vibes and/or hit up this page with things to send, I’m sure Judy would appreciate it. We love you, Judy!!