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Deep Thoughts on Snow Day Four

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‘I’m supposed to talk to myself, tell myself the reasons I’m still angry with that young, scared, very, very alone little mama. Because it’s true: I hold anger with absolutely no one else as to how everything happened. Except me. I’m so very angry with myself.’

Oy. Yah. Been there. Done that. Literally in therapy. I still see the girl I was talking to. She is crumbled in a ball, sitting on the floor, head between her knees underneath the therapist desk. She radiates sadness but if you talk to her , she pops up her head and glares, eyes fidgety, darting around. Angry. And then she retreated. She wanted to hurt me and him. Ugh. I should talk to her more. Havent in a while. I wonder how she is doing.

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