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So Brave, So Courageous

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Not to ignore the really important points you are making in this post, but I want to hone in on the remarks about being a name/face for a birthmom, being human and real – just smashing those stereotypes to pieces. That’s why I’ve been reading you for the past 10+ years – since I was waiting for my son to be born, while you were waiting for yours and missing your daughter. You were REAL. Not what our adoption agency wrote down on a handout of what potential birthmothers can be like. I believed YOU. You make me look at my son’s mother in a very different light and with more openness. You challenged my fears and assumptions. Even when it was hard to hear what you were saying. Writing and now speaking what you feel is helping countless people you’ll never meet. I cannot imagine such bravery, and with you never truly knowing what impact you are having, in a positive way, in the adoption world. For those of us who can’t do the same, thank you.

I wanted to come reply to this. Because it made me sniffly. Another amazing reader in our LTYM cast wrote this beautiful note to each of us afterward. To me, she wrote that I single-handedly changed how she thought about adoption.

And so, yes, you’re right. My writing and speaking and simply existing in the world as an “out” birth mother challenges stereotypes and opens peoples’ hearts and minds. Yes.

So thank you (and her) for reminding me. And thank each of those women for speaking their truths. And you for coming here to remind me to keep doing my thing.

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