Dear 2016: More Me

Dear 2016: More Me

Dear 2016,

Hi! It’s nice to meet you! I’m excited you’re here! Exclamation points!

You know, I felt kinda sad to see your predecessor, 2015, walk out the door last night at midnight. 2015 was the year I needed to have, one of growth and forward motion and… well, no one dying. That’s always key to a good year.

So, 2016, I’m excited you’re here not because I hated last year, but because I legitimately feel hopeful that this year will continue in the same way. I set some goals last year, and achieved most of them. I’m not setting goals this year; no resolutions, no weight loss, no must-do-or-the-year-is-a-failure type of things.

I do, of course, want to run some more races. I want to read books. I want to travel places with my family. I want to kick butt at work. I want to work on some stuff in the house. I want to write.

These are the things I do every year. They are things that make me who I am. In doing them, I am not hoping to become some better version of myself. I might, in fact, just become more me.

That’s what I’m looking for, 2016. More me.

I hope you’ll be kind, of course. But I’m just going to keep doing my thing, keep being the me that I am. You keep doing your thing, that whole changing of days and moving forward. Together, I hope we reach the end of the year feeling just as hopeful about your predecessor as I feel about you today.


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