Friday Five

Friday Five: December 4, 2015

Friday Five Photos I Didn’t Post Elsewhere

Friday Five Photos I Didn't Post Elsewhere

Top left: LittleBrother bowling. Top Right: Me at the tree farm.
Center: Callie sleeping on the big bed.
Bottom left: The tree. Bottom Left: My husband makes funny faces, I kiss at him anyway.


Friday Five Things I Liked Reading

31 Totally and Completely Purposeful Acts of Kindness Ideas to Brighten This Holiday Season: I like this. I’m always looking for acts of kindness to add in to our Advent calendar. These are simple, fun, and well, kind.

Why It’s Good to Have a Stubborn Child: Oh, good! If I can just survive their childhood(s).

My Light Grows Dim: I relate to this piece in eleven different ways. Maybe more.

What to Say When Your Kid Gets Busted: This is a good post to read as parents. And ohmygoodness, thank you to my sons’ teachers.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Mat: This is a good post to read whether you practice yoga or not. In short: Stop comparing yourself to others. It serves no purpose other than making you feel less than.

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