We Solved All of America’s Problems

We Solved All of America's Problems

Tonight, my husband and I solved all the country’s problems.

Gun control? Solved it.
Defunding Planned Parenthood? Got it.
Refugees? No problem.
Race? Pfft.
Poverty? Done.
Medical coverage? GOT IT!

We solved all the problems! We know the answers! It’s really simple!

And here’s how we did it: My husband and I came together over the breakfast bar in the kitchen. I stated my point of view. He stated his slightly different point of view. We talked about it for awhile and realized, HEY!, we’re saying the same thing in different ways! We moved on to the next problem.

We talked about it for awhile. We raised eyebrows. We furrowed them. We made weird faces. We rolled eyes. We decied that there’s more than one way to address the issue at hand. We moved on to the next problem.

We kept doing this, and eventually we spent an entire hour talking about all the things that matter to us, to our children. We decided certain things will be different by the time we depart this Earth. We discussed things that matter so much to the both of us. We learned a few new things about how the other views certain issues.

And then we kissed, hugged, and sat down to watch some more Frasier on Netflix.

In short: There’s more than one answer to the country’s problems. Listening to someone else might help you recognize your own shortcomings. And watching Frasier, you’ll hear Roz tell Martin, “Just because I’m not raising him your way doesn’t mean I’m raising him the wrong way.” About a dog. And you’ll nod. Yes, you’ll think. Just that.

In shorter short: There are no easy answers, but we need to come together, listen to one another, and find answers that benefit society as a whole.

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