Five Pics & Five Reads Friday

Five Pics

Five Pics I Didn't Post This Week

Clockwise from top left: Voting day pancake smiles at the fire department, walking with Hobbes, FIVE DOLLARS!, fun new leggings, this is what the couch looks like in the evening.


Five Reads

Gratitude Boxes: I’d really like to attempt this. It doesn’t feel out of my league.

When Your Child Says You Work Too Much: Oh, this was a good post to read as I get back into the swing of working. I need to file this away for future conversations.

200 Things to Throw Away: Yes! If you’re working on decluttering, this list is for you. And me. Oh, so very much me.

An Open Letter to Women Who Say I Just Want My Body Back: While I don’t really enjoy “open letter” posts to/about unsuspecting people anymore, this is something I needed to read. Maybe you do too.

Honest Conversations and Transracial Adoption: One thing I don’t hate about National Adoption Month is when we talk about the real stuff. Note: This is what the word transracial really refers to.

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