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We Breathe in Fall

Fall Outtakes

Look, mommy! Look. The leaves!
Do you see? I do. I do. I see
the way your feet crunch over
the yellow, the brown, the not
quite red, your long shadows
racing ahead of you in the
setting sun. Racing ahead of you,
of me, racing; moving too fast.

These seasons come on so quickly,
from the hot, blinding heat of
summer to, blink blink, denim
jackets and boots, hoodies and
long pants, sweaters and hat.
I cannot get far enough ahead of
the movement to capture the change.

So here we stand, fall waving her
colors in front of us as we walk
through fields, trying to see the
beauty, if only for a moment, too
soon forgotten when the next one
rolls over us. But for now, for
today, we sit in the grass, warmed
by the sun, and we breathe in fall.
We breathe it all in.

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