Training for the Columbus Marathon: What to Wear?

Training for the Columbus Marathon: What to Wear?

Training for the Columbus Marathon: What to Wear?

I’ve been thinking about what to wear for the Columbus Marathon.

I’ve come up with mostly nothing—and I don’t mean wearing nothing. I just can’t figure out what to wear.

Two years ago, when I ran my first Columbus Half Marathon, I went with a cute white running skirt. While cute, it’s now too big; the legs on the shorts won’t stay in place at all. Last year for the half marathon, I wore super cute chevron shorts from Fabletics. I learned that while super cute and comfortable to run in, they don’t photograph well (on me). And yes, that matters, thankyouverymuch.

I currently own three running skirts that do fit and do stay in place. One is the Brooks running skirt (similar) I wore for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this past May. It’s really comfortable, has a zip pocket in the back, and looks decent. But, of course, I just wore it. The next is a Fila running skirt (similar), a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. It has the largest zip pocket (my phone actually fits in it!) but occasionally the shorts will get bunched up. The longest distance run I’ve worn it on was only a seven miler, so I feel nervous about throwing it at a 26.2. The last one is the Pittsburgh Marathon Runner of Steel skirt by Dona Jo. This skirt boasts the most comfortable fit, but no pockets. I’ve worn it on a lot of mid- to long-range runs this cycle, and know it would hold up well. But I’m forced to wear something yellow or black with it. I’ve already done a black and gold marathon.

Of course, I could go all kinds of crazy and wear capris and a tank or even running tights and a tank. I think tights, even my Runner of Steel ones, might be a little too warm for 26.2—even on October 18. I’m still hoping for a 34 degree start like last year, but the sun warms things up rather quickly. If the sun would stay away for the day, I could probably handle tights and a tank. I really might even be able to run in capris and a tank, considering I did capris and a long sleeve two weeks after the Columbus Half for the Pittsburgh 10 Miler two years ago. But which ones?

Decisions decisions.

Training for the Columbus Marathon: What to Wear?
I’d wear this Ryka top that reads, “Believe Do Question Inspire,” but it’s too big. Sad trombone.

I find deciding what to wear to be a trickier aspect of marathon running. No, really. Beyond the “I want to look semi-decent minus the whole red-faced, sweat-stained thing,” most training cycles take you from one season and into the next. That’s where everyone bonked for the Pittsburgh Marathon this year, having trained through the coldest winter in quite some time right up until the Thursday before race day and, BAM, race day hit the 80 degree mark. We rounded that corner and melted. For the fall cycle, you train in all the heat, get used to running in as little as possible, and then, BAM! Race day is 34 degrees and your body says, “Whoa there, killer. What the hey?”

I’m sure as we near the race, I’ll figure it out. I still have at least one week left to decide if I’m buying anything new. I’m actually having a shirt and right-under-arm problem with chafing when it comes to my long (14+ miles) runs even though they’re all “seamless” or “flat seamed.” Just my right arm. Why? Who knows.

I do know that I’ll be wearing my Determined to Go the Distance t-shirt and long-sleeve pullover a lot between now and the race. Despite some training issues the past month, I feel surprisingly ready.

Now if only I can figure out what to wear.


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Crisp Around the Edges

Crisp Around the Edges

Crisp Around the Edges

Summer officially ended and fall, oh fall, is officially here. Our backyard, and our front one for that matter, look a little crisp around the edges.

I pulled all of my marigolds already. They got incredibly large, as usual, but they separated and started dying a little earlier than usual this year. Instead of planting some mums in their place, I feel like I might just buy some potted mums and set them in the middle of my flower garden. I feel like easy fall flowers might be the way to got his year.

Other things seem to be on their way out as well. My husband pulled out the remains of the garden the other evening, only a few still-green tomatoes hanging on to a vine.

Crisp Around the Edges

I feel the tug to turn inward, to ready the house for the coming winter hibernation. I feel crisp and prickly myself. I want to carefully wrap my arms around my boys and pull them close, tuck them under my protective wing to hide them from the coming cold winds, the snow, the things winter brings. I want to start making our favorite comfort food meals, to keep us warm both inside and out.

But it’s still 80-some-odd degrees outside.

The kids ditched me after we went over math facts and spelling words, read enough to satisfy this week’s reading log, and talked through a difficult situation at school. I can hear them through my open office window, bouncing on the trampoline with their friends. Soon—too soon—all the children will tuck away inside, under their own mamas’ wings and laughter won’t float by on the breeze. Less knocks on the door, less, “Can they come out to play?”

Our time to hibernate will come. We’ll hunker down together with our board games and movies. For now, I’ll sit here and write or read while they happily play with the neighborhood children. I’ll put on my happy face at flag football practice, even as the sweat drips down my nose. We’ll eat our snack outside tonight, sitting with our toes in the crisp grass, because soon we will be looking out the windows at a whirlwind of white, missing the feel of warmth on our heads, crunchy grass on bare feet.