Training for the Columbus Marathon: I Lost a Week

I lost a training week.

(Or did I?)

Training for the Columbus Marathon: I Lost a Week!

All week on Runkeeper, I kept referring to my runs as w11d1—shorthand for week 1, day 1—and so on. Today I went to write my runs for the week on my calendar and realized last week was actually week 12, the previous week was week 11, and now I’m starting week 13 of training for the Columbus Marathon.

I lost a week! Or gained one? Whatever.

I still ran 17 miles in the first three days of September which felt like the last three days of August in that they were ohmygoodness, so hot. I still put in the time and the effort, I just didn’t realize I’d been at it for one more week than I gave myself credit for on social media.

So I’m telling you here on my blog.


I’ve been training for 12 weeks. I’m starting my 13th week now. I’m tired. I’m hot. I’m really, really hot. I don’t really have too much to complain about on the aches and pains front, though my feet feel tired after my long runs even though I’ve already started the process of breaking in a new pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2s. Oh, I do have a blister from my eight miler this past week when I learned that one pair of socks won’t work with the new shoes even though they work with the same pair of shoes in a different color. Socks are hard.

Training for the Columbus Marathon: I Lost a Week!
Older pair on the left, newer pair on the right.

I’ve started considering what I’m going to wear on race day, but as of now all I can think is, “Gee, I hope it’s not sweltering like this come mid-October. Or I’ll just walk the whole thing. I’m not too proud. I’ll do it.” I saw some really bright neon yellow/green and some not-neon aqua Nike wear; both stick out in my mind as a possibility. I need to choose in the next two weeks, however, so I can wear a potential outfit on some long runs to make sure I don’t end up with chaffing in any unfortunate places. (I had an under-the-arm chafe during one long run this cycle that has totally ruled out one bra I own in three separate colors for any runs over five miles now.)

Anyway, starting my 13th week of an 18 week plan feels kind of big. I’m into my last third of training. Can I do this?

I can do this.


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