Training for the Columbus Marathon: Insomnia Woes

Insomnia While Marathon Training

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Insomnia

You guys. I just want to sleep.

I cannot. I try. I fail. Rinse repeat.

While I’m working on taking care of the issue, my running totally took a hit this week. I slogged through two short runs for the Columbus Marathon, took a couple of days off, and then found myself faced with the choice of my mid-length run of seven miles or the long run of 15 miles.

I almost chose neither run.


There’s running while tired and running while exhausted. Every night, I almost threw up due to the sheer level of exhaustion I was enduring. I knew I couldn’t run even a short distance under those conditions. However, on Saturday night, I actually got some sleep.

On Sunday morning, I felt more or less normal but still pretty depleted. I decided not to chance the 15 miler and go instead for the seven miles, six of which I decided to run with my husband—partially out of a desire to chill with him and partially for safety reasons. I didn’t want to get tired and pass out.

I’m already starting to sleep better, and I have hope this week will see more improvement in the snoozing arena. I know I can run my short runs at least and most likely my mid-week mid-length run. I’m a bit nervous about what might happen if I don’t get enough sleep before my 16 miler this weekend, but I know other successful runners experience insomnia, too. I won’t make any choices that put my safety in question, but I will do as much as I can this week.

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Insomnia

Here’s to sleeping and running.


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  1. Uggggh. Sending sleepy thoughts your way. I’ve always been a delayed-sleep insomniac and have been experiencing the joys (snort) of early-wake insomnia recently. I can only take not-sleeping at both ends for so long. Hope yours resolves itself soon!

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