#HatfieldChickens Update: We Have Eggs!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on our six chickens.

First off, they do finally have names. As we started our flock with two each of Golden Comet, Buff Orpington, and Barred Rock, they were initially impossible to tell apart. As they grew into their feathers, feet, heads, combs, eyes, and personalities. We picked our favorites and finally named each. Almost.

And they are:

We Have Eggs: Our Chickens Have Eggs

Scully, a Golden Comet (obviously mine)
Torchic, a Golden Comet (LittleBrother’s, a Pokemon reference, duh)
Abigail, a Buff Orpington (BigBrother’s)
Ellie Mae, a Barred Rock (my husband’s)
Becky Sue, a Barred Rock (my husband’s)

We have one Buff Orpington yet unnamed. I suppose that’s my job. Maybe we’ll auction it off online. She’s actually one of our “late bloomers,” her comb not having turned red yet. We’ll get there, I assume. In time.

But the best news is, of course:

We have eggs!

They’ve been showing signs of laying for about a week now. As they’re 18 weeks, we knew they could lay an egg at any time, but these things aren’t an exact science. We watched and waited and checked every single day for an egg.

On Monday, we found one small, brown egg in the nesting boxes of the coop. I figured it was one of our comets, but we couldn’t be sure. On Tuesday, when I went out in the morning to check on the chickens, and they were all still in the coop. I surely thought they were all dead.


They weren’t.

Later that morning, we found another brown egg, a little larger and a littler darker than the first. We believed this to be a second egg of one of our Comets, but we still didn’t know for certain. We really started to think it was Torchic who had laid first as she looked a little “wider” than previously.

Today, I went out to check on my hens and found all the hens hanging out in their run, except for little Miss Torchic. She poked her head out at me and went back to the nesting box. I left them alone. I went outside a little while later with my husband, and Torchic was down in the run, but Scully was up in a nesting box. We left them alone again.

When we returned later in the morning, all the chickens were squawking around in the run, so we checked the nesting boxes. Two! Two eggs! Ah-ha-ha!

Two Eggs!

One was most definitely a first egg, smaller with a bit of color lacking. The other was definitely bigger than the first two.

So, Torchic and Scully are our first two layers. We’re very happy with our eggs.

And chickens. The boys check on them daily. And so does the dog. I enjoy giving them treats and talking to them in the afternoon. They’re absolutely hilarious and I find it relaxing to watch them. I’m so glad my husband took a random inkling to becoming a chicken farmer.

I’m looking forward to our first six egg day!


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2 Replies to “#HatfieldChickens Update: We Have Eggs!”

  1. The father of a good friend of mine raises chickens too. They had a HUGE over abundance of eggs last year, so much so that I saved lots of empty egg cartons for them to fill. I did get a free dozen or two in return, and I swear those were the creamiest eggs I have ever had in my life. So delicious!

    Can’t wait to hear what you name the last one. Tried to come up with something creative but I’m drawing a blank!

  2. BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ahem. sorry. just happy about the name. understandably.
    also thrilled that you finally got a few eggs! i am living my chicken raising fantasies through you and your family. this is exciting!
    wish i could sit with ya and just watch them. must be quite a wonderful experience.

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