Training for the Columbus Marathon: Sometimes It’s Not Safe

There are 89 Days until the Columbus Marathon.

Training for the Columbus Marathon, 2015

The boys and I traveled during the latter part of last week. Deep in the middle of nowhere in eastern Ohio, we disappeared into a valley with barely any cell connection and a whole bunch of glorious peace. Almost all parts of the short trip felt fabulous, save for a few minor issues.

Like missing my long run. Ugh. So I kinda-only-sorta finished week five of training for this marathon.

The problem with the area to which we escapes is that the roads are, well, rural. And not just rural, but missing edge-lines as well as most of the center lines. Add in no room to step off the road onto the berm in most areas, and well, running on the road wasn’t safe.

I’m all about safety when it comes to running.

I carry pepper spray with me when I run anywhere outside my neighborhood. I never run without my phone; my husband has access to my location on the phone at all times. Someone always knows the route which I’m traveling. I check in if my run seems to take longer than usual. I assess each street, trail, and area and will change routes or abort the whole run if I feel unsafe. I wear lights if it’s near dusk or just before dawn. If I wear ear buds, I only wear one; I haven’t worn ear buds at all since the Pittsburgh Marathon.


Safety is really one of my key thoughts while running. I’m always alert, always ready.

And so when I attempted to map out a 10 mile run, nothing I came up with allowed for the safety I require while road running.

At one point, I considered switching my Tuesday three miler with my Saturday ten miler. But even the three mile route seemed suspect. And so, I dropped the run.

Yes, my training plan called for the ten miler. Yes, I would have benefited from the run in multiple ways. Yes, skipping the run means I’ll be slightly behind on my endurance training. But it doesn’t mean my training is over. It doesn’t mean I will fail. It doesn’t mean anything in the “long run.” Pun intended.

I’ll still finish the Columbus Marathon.

I will keep on keeping on. I will keep running, keep moving forward. I will always make sure my runs are safe, first and foremost. And I will achieve my goal. I will finish the Columbus Marathon.

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Safety Matters

I won’t compromise my safety just to get every single run in during this training cycle. It’s not smart, it’s not safe, and I won’t apologize for it.


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3 Replies to “Training for the Columbus Marathon: Sometimes It’s Not Safe”

  1. YES. So smart!! And such an easy call to make once you’ve been in one of those less-than-safe situations. I’ll take safe and not-scared-out-of-my-mind any time!

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