52 Weeks of Brotherhood: And Two More Weeks

First Day at the Beach

First off, our beach vacation was just right.

We relaxed, did too much, ate all the food, over-oceaned, shopped local, shark-spotted, slept in, got up early, ran, read books, played games, dug holes, boogie-boarded, napped, jumped waves, got knocked over, saw family, and generally enjoyed a week of just us. The boys spent most of their time together, with a cousin, and/or with a beach friend. I, obviously, didn’t crack open my computer once last week making it the best vacation ever.

I took this photo because I take this photo every year. The first day at the beach, the first trip down the boardwalk to the water. They ended up getting soaked despite ensuring me that we were just out for a “walk.” Yeah, yeah. But my, how they’ve grown.

Oh, and no one puked in any vehicle or house the entire trip. Not even me!

New Sutphen Fire Truck

The fire department got their new Sutphen ladder truck when we got home on Monday. So of course we had to test it out.

The boys agree: It’s amazing.


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