3 Self-Care Tips for Summer

Self-Care Tips for Summer

I’ve been all about self-care as of late. Sometimes it’s hard to fit it in or find the balance between caring for myself and caring for my family, work, the dog, the chickens, friends, the yard, and so on. But I’ve found when I make the time to take care of myself, I do a better job at taking care of others.

For me, self-care revolves around being active, making healthy choices, and taking some time out. Here are three self-care tips for summer.

1. Being Active

I do something active every single day. If I don’t, I feel edgy and reactive. I find myself snapping at my children instead of responding with understanding. I’ve also learned that less activity begets even less activity, so I can trick myself into a slump of days or weeks without being active—and my mood slumps right along with me.

And so I schedule time in to be active every day. Sometimes it’s as simple as walking the dog to the bridge and back (one mile) or as complex as doing a very hard workout. I prefer activities that make me move and sweat a little bit as the heart pumping makes me feel better. I normally run 2-3 days per week and do a hard workout at least twice per week.

Additionally, the boys and I are learning to love hiking, which usually results in a slower but longer activity for the day—and just as much sweat!

self-care tips for summer


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2. Making Healthy Choices

When I drink enough water, I feel healthier. When I feel healthier, I make healthier food choices. When I make healthier food choices, I feel more like me.

I’ve learned which things make me feel better over the past few years. Instead of snacking on all the salty things, I’ll likely choose a piece of fruit or some veggies. Instead of eating a full portion at a restaurant, I will only eat half. Instead of the giant ice cream, I’ll ask for a kid’s portion. I still indulge in treats, but I make the majority of my food decisions with a health-based mindset.

Controlling my portion sizes has helped me understand how my activity affects my body. But seriously: I’ve got to drink enough water first, or all of this falls apart. I start my day now with a glass of cold water before my cup of coffee. It sets me on a path of remembering to drink water all day and, as such, making those healthier choices too.

3. Taking Some Time Out

I’ve started taking 10 to 30 minutes for myself each day to do something quiet. By myself and for myself. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I pull weeds. Sometimes I sit by the chickens and laugh. (Chickens are hilarious, you guys.) Sometimes I just drink my afternoon iced coffee on the front porch and bask in the sunlight. These little moments let me put myself back together, especially if I had a rough morning with the boys or the dog or a piece I’m working on writing.

The break in the noise and chaos of daily life seems to help me keep my head on straight for the rest of the day. Right now I find myself taking these moments midday, but when my schedule crunches my time, sometimes I work one in during the morning or right before bed. Either way, the slow down seems to be important in how I act and react with and to others.


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  1. I take control and care of my body by making sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise every day, drink plenty of water, and I do yoga which really helps me stay balanced!

  2. I take control and care of my body by taking my vitamins, going on daily walks and eating lots of fruits and veggies.

  3. I eat healthy most of the time and drink a lot of water. I would also like to incorporate exercise into my routine.

  4. I enjoy a long soak in lavender epsom salt. Epsom salt soaks create a process called reverse osmosis. This process pulls salt and harmful toxins out of the body and allows the healthy magnesium and sulfates to enter into the body.

  5. I try to get a little fresh air and sunshine every day. Whether it’s sitting in the swing with my baby or walking to the playground with my three year old. I try to get outside and move my body at the same time.

  6. I take control and care of my body by making sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise every day, have yearly checkup and drink plenty of water.

  7. I take control and care of my body by exercising daily,drinking plenty of water and staying positive.

  8. We try to reserve wknds for family time, and work only on week days. Not bringing work home, helps us stay balanced

  9. I take control by maintaining a regular exercise routine.

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  10. I drink at least two 8 oz glasses of milk a day and I make sure to eat breakfast everyday (which is not something I’ve always done).

  11. I’ve been mindful of drinking all the water lately! I’m also starting back on my treadmill routine since this weather has not been very cooperative ????

  12. I love to take the time and energy to plan out and prepare healthy meals. I especially love a delicious green salad. Fresh fruit salad is also one of my all time favorite….pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, mango, oranges, apples, kiwi and bananas…so delicious!

  13. I take control and take care of my body by making sure I take my vitamins, drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
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  14. I really like working out but haven’t been able to for a week due to illness and it is easy to start getting out of shape.

  15. I try to take care of my body by drinking extra water and no soda. I also walk at least a mile 5 days a week and I try to eat less than what is on my plate.

  16. I take control by eating healthy foods, exercising, drinking lots of water, taking daily vitamins and getting a good night sleep!

  17. I take care of myself by drinking water (neither alcohol nor soda), eating fresh vegetables everyday and avoiding sun.

  18. I declare myself useless once per week so I can take a serious shower. I’m not responsible for what anyone else in the house wants or needs during that time.

  19. I try to eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, taken cranberry supplements and other vitamins such as iron which target more of a woman’s needs.

  20. I take control and take care of myself by drinking only water. I cut out sodas at the beginning of the year, and I feel great!

  21. I take care and control of my body by eating as much organic food as possible and avoiding toxins in my household cleaners and personal care products.

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