52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Time Apart

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

The boys haven’t spent much time together since Saturday due to the illness—now officially identified as strep—making its way through our home. I’ve separated the two mostly, minus running errands and sitting near one another for popsicles on the porch.

It’s not their favorite thing.

For all the close-proximity aggravating they do of one another, they don’t like alone time very much. I can’t yet decide if this is good or not.


Me? I love my alone time, probably too much. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like groups. I prefer to be one-on-one with my husband or a close friend. Otherwise, I like my personal space and the quiet.

While the boys can and do entertain themselves on their own, they greatly prefer to be all up in the others’ space. They sit in the same chair, close-talking or watching a movie or reading separate/same books. They’ve been sleeping in each others’ rooms, switching who hosts every night, since school ended. If one goes outside, the other follows. If one comes inside, the other follows.

Yes, they annoy each other eventually, but they prefer this closeness, this touching, this shared space of theirs they created years ago and keep living in still today.

Which is why, of course, BigBrother seemingly caught the same bug LittleBrother lovingly shared.

Hopefully we’ll get him on antibiotics by tonight or tomorrow so they’ll both be healthy for a vacation of shared space and brother time. Whether or not the parents will feel well enough to do anything remains yet to be seen.


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  1. The suit pic KILLS me. :) I was just telling Jeff how Bee used to climb into Molly’s bed every night and I realized how much I miss that phase. Sometimes when they play Evil Twins, I want to smoosh one or both of them, but I will probably miss this phase, too, when it’s over. Enjoy it while it lasts! And Godspeed to their quarantine.

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