Why I’m Not Participating in the Summer #RWRunStreak

I'm Not Participating in the #RWRunStreak

I didn’t run yesterday. Or today.

I suppose I could have, in between the five hours spent at the baseball field and the grilling of steak and the Tuesday stuff that felt like Monday stuff.

But I didn’t.

The Runner’s World Summer Run Streak also started yesterday. Participants run every day from Memorial Day through the 4th of July. I’ve done the summer streak before, running non-stop last year through the heat and humidity and loss of my grandmother and vacation. I’ve done a number of winter run streaks as well, and I really like having a goal during the holidays.

But I’m not joining the Run Streak this year.


I’m working on removing certain (lots of) stresses from my life. Making these mindful changes means a lot to me. Running means a lot to me too, but I’ve always taken care to make running not feel like another task to check off a list. Yes, training season involves a lot of check marks. And yes, goals are great and a huge motivating factor in my life.

But I want to keep running as a special, safe place.

Forcing myself to run at least one mile each day between now and the 4th of July doesn’t feel special or safe this year. It feels like an unnecessary added bit of anxiety, just another bit of stress in my life. I don’t want that; I don’t need that.

And so, I’ll run when I want through July 4th. I’ll run slow and fast and short and long. I’ll run on vacation and at home. I’ll run when I need to and when I want to, not just because I have to.

My summer running will be mine. It will feel good. Sometimes it will feel hard, but it will be because I want to.

Let’s run!


4 Replies to “Why I’m Not Participating in the Summer #RWRunStreak”

  1. completely agree! I like having goals but I’ve put too much pressure on myself to meet them and need to remove areas of stress. I appreciate those that can but I can’t get on board with the run streak in the heat and humidity of summer!

  2. Love this post! Such a good reminder for me that some anxieties I can control and those are the ones i need to focus on…especially when there are so many right now that I cannot. Run for fun: so easy, so easily overlooked. :)

  3. I truly appreciated reading this today. I have been feeling guilty for not participating in the summer streak this year. I trained all winter long for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and just want to run for fun right now. No rules. No schedules. Thank you for reminding me that running is my fun time not something else to stress over.

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