52 Weeks of Brotherhood: A Busy Week for Brothers

Rain Dancing

Between birthday celebrations, baseball, moving the chickens into their coop, baseball, Friday pizza, baseball, birthday parties, fishing, rain, relaxing, two Fun Days at school, a very Monday-ish Monday, more rain, and more baseball, this week feels blurry. It’s weird to look back through the photos over the week and think simultaneously, “Wow, this was a long week. Wow, this week went by so quickly.”

But these two, well, these two had a good week. Together.

They came together to do things. Together. They gathered their art supplies and sat at the table, each working on independent projects but talking. Together. When one went outside, the other followed; if he didn’t, he was quickly retrieved. They danced in the rain. Together. While one drew with chalk, the other sat nearby, reading from a Pokemon book. At one point, I couldn’t find them; I found them sprawled on one’s bed, legs and elbows, each reading a book. Together.


And then, to put icing on the cake of awesome, I picked them up from school today. Neither boy could wait to tell me about their afternoon at recess as they talked all over one another.

“Mommy, I saw him at recess!”
“Yeah, I saw him heading down the slide and I ran up and hugged him!”
“And then we got to play together.”

My boys chose to play together at recess. Normally the first and third grade aren’t ever on the playground together, but the end of the year brings about all kinds of different things. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised they chose to play together after witnessing all the things they did as a duo this week. Maybe part of the problem rests with me. Maybe instead of always expecting the worst—the fighting, the arguing, the whining—I should expect the happy two brothers to act like two happy brothers.

Ah, the lessons they teach us.

Rain Dancing


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