Running by Twos

Running by Twos

Last week I ran two miles, three times.

I intended to start upping my mileage a little, but something always held me back. One day I didn’t have enough time after drop off and before my first conference call. On Wednesday morning, after being at the baseball field until 10:15 the night before, I didn’t feel up to running more than two. One day I woke with intention to run a 5K, but a pain in my foot made me postpone it until the weekend, opting again for two. And then the weekend arrived with absolutely no free time.

So I ran three twos.

And it felt good.

I ran hills last week, still feeling the strength that comes from running the hills in Pittsburgh. I ran the big hill in three sections, out the road on a route I love (which involves running back UP a hill you initially run down), and up the big hill again in all one go. My paces felt great (9:13, 8:59, and 9:40), with the slowest being the one I ran the big hill without stopping.

I feel good with these shorter distances right now. I have a goal somewhere in my head to work on my 5K pace, and I may start on it next month. Right now, I’m just enjoying running whatever I feel like running with no set goal other than what I come up with when I press start on my watch. Sometimes I want to run faster, sometimes I want to slow it down. Sometimes the goal is about tackling a specific hill or route. And all have been without music this week; just me and the road right now.

Two is a good distance for thinking through thoughts—or dismissing them. At the half mile mark, if I can’t figure out the next steps in a situation, I start thinking about something else. Same problem at the one mile mark? Change thoughts again! One and a half and I’ve come up with a foolproof plan to bring about world peace? Well then, I can think about what to make for dinner. And done.

I know the distance will return. I know I’ll start working on the next goal before the next training season descends upon us. Until then, I’m going to run twos or ones or threes or whatevers, and I’m going to enjoy the run.


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I always forget how much i enjoy running, until I’m actually out and running! Following your journey has been part of my inspiration to sign up for my first half marathon in the fall! Thank you.

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