Running Hills After Pittsburgh

It’s been just over a week since the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I didn’t waste any time getting back into running. I’ve learned after a number of races, running helps shake out the soreness, aches, pains, and general tiredness. It also helps keep the Post-Race Crash feelings at bay.

I started out the week slow and short with a simple 1.19 mile loop around my house. My goal for the next two runs was to move a little further and a little faster. I did accomplished those goals, but the

Running Hills After Pittsburgh

On Friday, I decided to run right after drop off due to the high temperatures. I started at my sons’ school, ran up past the high school, and out to the mile point on a nearby trail before turning back toward my car. I’d never run this route before as running back involved running back up the hill to the high school. It seemed a bit too steep for my liking, so I avoided it. Until Friday.

I ran right up it.

I took the weekend off, save for a few walks and an hour long hike with my family on Mother’s Day, but went on another two mile run today. I decided to run out the country road, down the hill, and out to a mile before turning to run back up the hill. As the temperatures already passed 80 degrees, I decided to take the hill in three segments, pausing for 10 seconds in two spots—but honestly, I could have tackled the whole thing in one go. Maybe if I slowed down a bit, I could have slogged up the whole thing.

But pausing or not pausing, the point is that I still ran it without talking myself out of it before running down it in the first place.

Running Pittsburgh takes the fear out of running hills. Big hills, steep hills, slow, never-ending hills. You just run them. You just put one foot in front of the other and you run. You run. You move. You keep running. You keep moving. You don’t give up.

Add that as another good thing to come out of Pittsburgh this year. Of course, with each day, the pain and heat of the half marathon fade in my memory. Let’s run all the hills—to train for next year.


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