52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One With The Fort

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One With The Fort

Both boys are present in that picture.

We hung out at home on Sunday, enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. I walked around the front and back yard barefoot, looking at the growth on plants and my weeping cherry tree, while the boys played ball and swords and all variety of games. They once again lamented over the fact their beloved tree fell down and they could no longer build a fort under its lower branches.

I suggested they find another place to make a fort. That suggestion, of course, was met with whines and complaints. I shrugged it off, because I’ve been here, danced this, and really, I can’t force them to look outside of the box every single time.

As I walked through the backyard, I checked on a bunch of lily sprouts next to the stairs and entrance to our basement. Suddenly, little lights went on in their heads, and they realized they could use the small stairwell to build a fort.

And so they did.

They gathered the Official Fort Blanket.


52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One With The Fort

Then they brought around some stuff to hold down the sides. And then, of course, they climbed inside.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One With The Fort

“Mommy, do you want to come in here?”

“No, I’m enjoying the warm sunshine out here. But what’s it like in there?”

“It’s dark.”

And then they began talking about things brothers talk about when they’re sitting in a makeshift fort on a sunny Sunday. I kicked back in the grass, my head in my hands, enjoying the sunshine and the moment at hand when two brothers escaped the backyard into a world of their own making.



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