What I Want for My 34th Birthday

My birthday is in two days. As per usual, my husband, parents, and close friends keep asking me what I want to celebrate another turn around the sun. As per usual, I don’t really know.

So here’s my best guess as to what I want for my 34th birthday.

What I Want for My Birthday

1. To Breathe

After my long run on Sunday, I came down with a cold. Or allergies. Or both. I felt better on Wednesday and thought I turned the corner, but nope. The glass-in-my-chest feeling passed, only to be replaced with the whole nose-is-a-mostly-clogged-faucet thing. Considering I need to run 13.1 miles a week after my birthday, I’d really like to start breathing again sometime soon.

2. A Home-Cooked Dinner with My Family

I’ve asked for a baked chicken, potatoes, gravy, and broccoli—followed by strawberry cake with lemon icing and strawberry ice cream. Actually, my husband has been making me a special meal each week in April, my birthday month. I’ve had barbequed spare ribs and grilled steaks thus far. (Easter took up a week!)

3. A Run


In addition to being able to breathe on Saturday, I’d like to take a run. I mean, I hope to run tomorrow too, considering I haven’t run since Sunday. But on Saturday, I’d like to run. There’s a local 5K I might consider if I can actually and fully breathe. If I can’t run that, I’d like to take a nice, happy, leisurely run. Not too long, not too short; not too fast, not too slow. Just right.

4. An End to Cold Weather

Trust me, I’m not rushing the summer, but 30-some degrees isn’t quit cutting it for me anymore. I’d like to enjoy my spring-like, 50-60 degree weather runs and outside adventures for awhile. I’d like to not freeze my toes off at baseball practice. I’d like to keep my winter coat in the closet. Let’s get our spring on already.

5. New Curtains for the Living Room

I have a vision for the new curtains in our living room, but I cannot find them. There’s some green (obviously), and some white, but I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for just yet. Either they’re too white or too green or not lined or too small or too big or not the right design or not designed enough or, or, or. And so the search continues.

And so, you see, I’m good. I’ve got my health, minus this cold. I’ve got my family. I’ve got a job or two, a dog, six chickens, friends, love, a home, and so much more.

But if only the weather would warm up just a smidge.



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