52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream Shop

Every spring, shortly after Little League starts, the ice cream shop in the City Park opens. It’s one of the highlights of the season. It’s filled with hard dip ice cream in tons of flavors, milkshakes galore, and other yummy treats.

I decided one evening after practice we needed to go. Not even on a Friday—straight up in the middle of the week.

As much as I love baseball, getting the boys to and from practices feels overwhelming at times. Sometimes practice starts at 4:30pm, which always drives me bonkers. Four thirty? Really? Like just this week, when I needed to have one kid at the field while simultaneously attending a conference call and, as you might guess, my husband was at work at the fire department. I made it work, but it’s hard.

And that doesn’t even factor in things like dinner, homework, laundry, and, I don’t know, breathing.


So one day last week after a stressful day and a late arrival at the field, I decided the day simply required ice cream.

And so we went.

They chose milkshakes while I enjoyed a peanut butter cup hard dip cake cone. I looked at them enjoying their treats and thought of the days when we’d walk to the ice cream shop in super hero masks. This time, in t-shirts of their choosing, they talked non-stop about practice, about baseball in general. They laughed, enjoying the sunshine and time together.

I enjoyed their enjoyment, too. And the ice cream.



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2 Replies to “52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Ice Cream Shop”

  1. I love impromptu ice cream stops! Is ” hard dip ice cream” a regional term? I’ve never heard it before and I’m trying to picture what it means. I’m guessing “regular” scoopable ice cream? Does it come with “dip” (chocolate sauce maybe?) I’m intrigued!

    1. I’m totally Googling and polling FB/Twitter right now. I had no idea the rest of the world didn’t use/know the term. It seems to have originated in Ohio, which makes sense where I grew up in Western PA, close to the Ohio line. It’s just ice cream in the giant tubs that you have to use a scoop to get out, as opposed to soft serve.

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