Our Family Just Grew… By Six!

We added six new family members yesterday.

Backyard Chickens

Here are three of our new little loves. On the left we have a Barred Rock, in the center a Buff Orpington, and on the right a Golden Comet. One more of each peeps around in the brooder, but they each look exactly alike right now so we haven’t named them or bothered telling them apart just yet. We’ll eventually bestow them with really epic names, though the boys keep changing their minds.

Right now, we’re working on handling them, getting Callie used to them so she doesn’t make them a tasty treat, and learning all things chicken. The boys take turns sitting next to the brooder, reading them Calvin and Hobbes. While the boys are at school, Callie sits in their spot, acting like a Mother Hen.

It’s nice to see this dream of ours starting to play out. I’m sure I’ll overshare our chicken raising life, but for now, just indulge me in the cute. Because oh, the cute, you guys.



6 Replies to “Our Family Just Grew… By Six!”

  1. I keep on thinking about having chickens. Fresh eggs, yum. Not sure I’m ready for keeping a coop clean though.

    Have fun with them!

    1. None of them are a rooster; we live in a neighborhood. My husband and mother-in-law will be in charge of any butchering required, but I’ll be in charge of cooking.

  2. indulge? how about ENCOURAGE! i can’t wait to hear all about raising them and life with them.
    seems in the city of pittsburgh a home may have three chickens. i really want chickens. and bees. but i’ve told you that.
    anyhow, looking forward to seeing more of your family’s chicken adventure! squeeeeee!

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