3 Colors I’d Rather Wear Than Green Right Now

Oh hey. It’s March 13th.

That means I’ve worn green for thirteen straight days now.

All super cute things, of course. I’ve worn green tunics with black jeggings. I’v worn green and black stripes. I’ve worn a new white and green shamrock scarf with a green shirt. I’ve worn green running shirts and shorts. I’ve worn green dresses. I’ve worn green jewelry. I’ve worn green socks, green shoes, and before these #17daysofgreen end, green tights.

It’s round about now I always feel greened out.

Thankfully tomorrow will bring back the fun of wearing green for seventeen days in a row as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Pittsburgh. I’ll dust off my green tiny hat. I’ll find my green beads. I’ll wear my new bracelet and lucky earrings. I’ll wear my green jacket over other green clothing. And we’ll have a green ole time.

And then I’ll wear green on Sunday, Monday, and bring it all together on Tuesday for our St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza at home. And then, OMG, I won’t wear green for the rest of my life. Or, approximately four days. Or so.

I’m really excited to wear something other than green. Here are three colors I’m jonesing to wear without green next week.



OMG, you guys. I want to wear all the coral in the world. I already wore some last weekend:

Coral for Spring 2015
Pixie Ankle Pants, Roll-Sleeve Tunic, Green Sudeded Point Toe Flat.


But I want to wear more without green. I finally found a great flowy top at TJ Maxx to match a striped pencil skirt I bought at Old Navy years ago. I’m also eyeing these pieces.

Coral for Spring 2015
Brighten Up Circle Scarf, Diamond Patterned Dress, and Faux-Leather Scrunch Ballet Flats.


Pastel Yellow

I own a great yellow cardigan and I always break it out this time of year. I want to wear it now over whites and navies and basically anything. I also saw these eye-catching finds while bopping around the Internet this week.

Pastel Yellow for Spring 2015
Fancy Embroidered A-Line Skirt, Meet Me in the Lobby Pants, and Cut Out Flats.



No, not green. Turquoise! I love the brightness, the not quite green, the not quite blue, and the billions of ways to wear it.

Turquoise for Spring 2015
Your Own Oasis Top, Chelsea Trouser, Palm Royale Drop Earrings.

It will be a few days still, but I will step out in color soon enough. I’m feeling spring, so it’s time to start dressing spring!



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2 Replies to “3 Colors I’d Rather Wear Than Green Right Now”

  1. I feel ya, Jenna! I’m just about greened out too. Just bought a cute green top this afternoon just to push me through to Tuesday! I love green but I’ll be happy to wear other pieces in my closet as of Wednesday.

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