52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One Where I Caught Them Liking Each Other

Between paragraphs of Harry Potter last night, I looked over at the boys. They snuggled up and under my elbow, listening in near silence. Near silence, of course, because genetics.

I noticed not just an arm around a shoulder, but a full on hug happening; I found it cute. I reached for my phone to take a sneaky picture.

They caught me and rewarded me with the following face.

They're Goofy, but They Like Each Other

I snort-laughed, causing them to fake-snort-laugh. We giggled for a few minutes before diving back into the story.

But really, funny look aside, it warmed my heart to catch them hugging without prompting. Despite the bickering over everything from Pokemon cards to who showers first, they really like each other. I thought of them today while editing a piece on sisterhood and loss, and my heartstrings tugged in eight different directions.

I feel thankful I caught that little moment between brothers. I hope their future stretches far beyond when I inhabit this earth and their shared journey will be a forever connection for both boys. Or, I mean, I hope they just like each other enough to be civil at future family holidays; I hate family drama on holidays.

But really, with the forever connection.


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