Our Family Just Grew… By Six!

Backyard Chickens

We added six new family members yesterday.

Backyard Chickens

Here are three of our new little loves. On the left we have a Barred Rock, in the center a Buff Orpington, and on the right a Golden Comet. One more of each peeps around in the brooder, but they each look exactly alike right now so we haven’t named them or bothered telling them apart just yet. We’ll eventually bestow them with really epic names, though the boys keep changing their minds.


Right now, we’re working on handling them, getting Callie used to them so she doesn’t make them a tasty treat, and learning all things chicken. The boys take turns sitting next to the brooder, reading them Calvin and Hobbes. While the boys are at school, Callie sits in their spot, acting like a Mother Hen.

It’s nice to see this dream of ours starting to play out. I’m sure I’ll overshare our chicken raising life, but for now, just indulge me in the cute. Because oh, the cute, you guys.



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Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: Getting Over the Quitting Feeling

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Training for the Pittsburgh Marathon

Oh hey. It’s quitting time.

Or rather, it’s the point in time during a training cycle when I say, “I’m never running again.” In fact, I went back through RunKeeper to a year ago today when I was training for the 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon. My notes on the run read, “I’m a failure. I quit.” Once I realized history was in fact repeating itself, I decided to stop feeling so defeated.

It happens. The physical aspects of training can feel draining enough, but add a depleted mental state and, well, you’re in for a real treat. I know it happens every training cycle. I know, but it doesn’t make it any easier when it actually arrives. It’s a sneaky little bugger, usually popping up after a decent run. And bam!

Today I not only felt like quitting the Pittsburgh Half Marathon but also the Columbus Marathon in October. I even tossed around the “running is stupid and my body is stupid and I’ll never be good at this so why don’t I quit today” as well.

And then I hit a nice stride from miles four to six. My legs worked out their kinks; my sore knee from a bump over the weekend didn’t feel sore anymore; the wind cooled me off just right as the sun warmed me up before the trees; I felt good.


Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon
Weird weather week again!

And that’s how it goes. Moments of ZOMGMAKEITSTOP stuffed in between puffy clouds and beautiful sunshine. And so tomorrow, I’ll run three miles and shake it off. The plan is to work hard on hydration this week. I improved on it last week, but I need to up it just a little bit more. My long run may be postponed until Monday due to the holiday (and a 90th birthday party) this weekend. We’ll see how it all works out.



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