She’s Not Very Scary

When I looked back at the pictures I took of our fun in the snow last week, I finally understood why people feel afraid of Callie.


I mean, yeah. Those teeth look pretty vicious. And she barked really loud while biting all of the snow; really, she was biting at snow in these pictures.


So, yeah, she looks mean. But…

…all she really wants to do is run…

Running in the Snow

…and play with her boys.

Playing with Her Boys

And then, when she’s finally exhausted herself, she wants to go inside and rest on top of a heating vent, take a long nap, and then snuggle her human beings.

She’s not very scary at all. She’s the best dog we’ve ever owned*.

* = the only dog we’ve ever owned.



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14 Replies to “She’s Not Very Scary”

  1. What is it about the snow biting? I just don’t get it, but StepPuppy assures me it is the best thing ever. now that our snow is coated in ice I thought he’d be less about the biting, but nope still all about the snow biting.

  2. She’s a really beautiful animal. And wonderful beyond words that your boys are growing up with such a loyal and loving friend. Those big, thick-pelted, “thumpable” dogs are just the best kid companions in the world. We’re between dogs right now, and I sure do miss having a fur face in the family. Give her snout a smooch for me when you have a chance, Jenna, OK?

  3. My yorkiepoo likes to bite snow too. Jenna, I’m more scared of small dogs then large ones. Little dogs sometimes have something to prove or feel threatened by things that are bigger than they are.

    Callie is a beautiful German Shepard, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have a dangerous dog with two young boys. It looks like she loves her boys.

  4. My brother got bit by a labrador when we were kids. I got bit in the face by a pitbull in my 20’s while I was checking out a potential roomate situation. I have 2 tiny scars from punctures above and below my lips, so I was incredibly fortunate. The emotional scars are bit bigger. Since then, most medium to large dogs give me pause. For whatever reason, the typical “guard dog” breeds are the most unsettling to me, dobermans, german shepherds, bull terriers, rottweilers, etc. But even a golden retriever (or my brother’s weimaraner) jumping up on me will put me into flight mode. I understand german shepherds are some of the most loyal dogs on Earth, my other brother just got a second one. But I think I’ll just stick with my cat. ;)

    1. I had 40 stitches behind my ear and 13 on my cheek; two permanent visible scars on my cheek, and one in my eyebrow from a totally separate incident, all from a Scottie. I am afraid of small dogs, hence the big one.

      1. OMG!!!!! Lady you are FAR braver than I to live with a dog after than kind of trauma!!!!! I am actually a teeny bit afraid of my cat. I guess if you can heal enough to live with a dog, there might be hope for me as well! I know that breed doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but big dogs (and now small dogs) scare me, in spite of my efforts to think my way out of it.

      2. I’m glad I always read the comments (not just here). Forty stitches sounds like a blog post, or did I miss it somewhere over the years?

  5. She is a really gorgeous dog. We have a corgi and she is so short that she just opens her mouth and runs through the snow to eat it, no leaning or biting necessary! I have also noticed that German Shepherds or German Shepherd mixes do this grimace thing when they are happy and being petted that looks realy frightening but is really a weird smile.

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