February Stitch Fix: Nailed It

I’ve been receiving my Stitch Fixes regularly, but not blogging them regularly. Sometimes I even photograph them but then refuse to post them because “my face looks chunky in that photo” or “I couldn’t get the shirt to lay properly and it makes me look lumpy.”

Body issues are stupid. So freaking stupid. I run marathons. Who cares if the angle in which I took a picture doesn’t flatter my face? For Pete’s sake!

Let’s look at pretty clothes, shall we?

My normal stylist is on maternity leave (congrats, Stacey!), but my stand-in stylist nailed it for me this month. I could tell she researched what I like, what I don’t, what I’ve kept, and what I returned by her note and by her picks. She sent me four green pieces and one jewel toned dress. Smart, smart stylist.

Ezra Medera Mixed Material Top


Ezra Medera Mixed Material Top
Ezra Medera Mixed Material Top worn with a white wide strap tank underneath, my favorite (and aging) skinny jeans, and green Chucks, because duh.


I need more casual pieces in my life. It’s no surprise to anyone that I like to dress up and dress well; I do it well. But when it comes to casual, I kind of falter and flounder. So this comfortable, shift-type top hits the casual point, hits my beloved stripes point, hits an on trend sheer-back point (see below), hits an on-trend high-low point (see below), and it’s green. BOOM.

Verdict: Kept. In fact, I wore it today, snowflakes and all.

Octavia Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf


Octavia Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf
I wore the Octavia Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf over my Ezra Medera Mixed Material Top. I also wore my Gilded Reeds Aventurine Pendant and matching drop earrings.


I asked for a spring scarf. I got a spring weight scarf that’s green with birds on it. Best. Scarf. Ever.

Verdict: Kept. #putabirdonit

41Hawthorne McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse and ModBe Darcey Textured Skirt


41Hawthorne McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse and ModBe Darcey Textured Skirt
41Hawthorne McAdams Beaded Neckline Blouse, ModBe Darcey Textured Skirt, and omgtheseshoes.


Uh, yes?

The skirt’s quilted texture, the top’s coral and lavender accent, the two greens together, everything ever. I simply adore both of these pieces. Additionally, I obviously have many tops to wear with this skirt (and tights that match exactly, #shockingnotshocking), and the top looks lovely untucked and flowy with black skinnies or even some great jeans.


Sedona East-West Pendant
Paired with the Sedona East-West Pendant, coral stud earrings, and matching bead + chain wrap bracelet.


Plus, the coral embellishment on this beautiful turquoise-y green top matches one of my new favorite necklaces, wrap bracelet, and earrings. Good job, Stylist. Good job.

Verdict: Kept both.

41Hawthorne Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress


41Hawthorne Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress
41Hawthorne Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress paired with Heirloom Crystal Necklace, bracelet, and Mirabelle stud earrings, and those same tan heels. Goodness.


This is where I wonder how thoroughly my stand-in stylist researched me, because when another friend posted this dress in her fix, I replied with, “Give me that dress.” And then someone did! Next time I’m going to say, “Give me a million dollars.” Obviously.

Verdict: Kept.

Yes, I kept everything. I really like Stitch Fix for so many reasons. Yes, I like to shop, but mostly from the comfort of my home. The returns are super easy (toss it in the bag, throw it at the mailman; or, you know, be more gentle than that). Plus, I get access to styles that aren’t readily available in Rural America. Lastly: No “the crowd is too big in this store” anxiety for me. The dog is usually present when I try on the clothes, but that’s about it!

Totally unrelated: My hair has grown like whoa since my first Fix. Not Unrelated to That: The big white spot on my head in the last dress? My gray is kind of out of control lately, which almost lead me to not post these photos today, along with a puffy face due to some extra salt consumption yesterday. But as I said above, that’s ridiculous.

But my hair appointment is next Thursday if you were wondering. I am proud to be nearly 34, but not proud enough to go gray just yet.

I will try to work on the self-confidence stuff so that next month’s Fix won’t be an internal battle just to press publish.

Disclaimer: If you sign up for Stitch Fix using my link, I get a credit in my account. I’ll use it to request more green pieces of clothing. That’s a promise.


11 replies on “February Stitch Fix: Nailed It”

You look fabulous in that dress. You should totally add splashes of that colour to your wardrobe. You look great in it.

And I never, ever would have noticed your grey hairs had you not mentioned them. The things we see and want to call “flaws” are always more obvious to ourselves than they ever are to others… until we point them out.

And I want to steal that scarf. I love scarves.

I kinda chose to collage those last two together because in the bigger version, you can see the white spot like whoa. My gray has always bothered me way too much. I need to get over it.

And yes, that’s a good color for me. My stylist sent me a blouse in a similar color last month, and I think I’m liking it a lot!

I love the dress and the scarf and the shirt. I definitely just pinned them to my StitchFix pinterest. :) Just got my fix too and I’m already ready for more!

Love that dress! I am new to StitchFix; have only gotten one so far. I only kept one thing, a necklace similar to one I already own but I didn’t want to lose my styling fee. My next Fix comes in just a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping that my stylist will send things I love.

That top is so cute. I just got it in my fix too but it looks way cuter on you! I just can’t get it to fit me right :(

The back will sometimes wear weird if the neckline pulls down too far. It has a tricky learning curve, but once I figure out where to set the neckline, I love it!

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