52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Last Snow

The One with The Last Snow

The heavy snow on Saturday made for perfect playtime for the brothers. And the dog, apparently, who went absolutely giddy with dog-glee.

The boys headed outside first. They built a fort. They made a tunnel by building snow around a giant bouncy ball and then digging it back out. They shoveled a bit. They were outside for a full hour without arguing.

Apparently snow is magic.

The One with The Last Snow
See? Working together without arguing!

I headed outside with my husband after we finished cleaning things up inside the house. Snowballs flew back and forth. I buried one kid’s legs in the snow. I chased another kid. I laughed really, really hard at our crazy/awesome dog. I took a billion and twelve pictures.

The One with The Last Snow

I suppose when your plans get canceled by the LAST* snow of the winter season, making fun out of what you have in your own yard isn’t half bad. In fact, it felt pretty darn awesome. We didn’t spend time where we planned to spend time on Saturday, but we spent time together. I’ll take it.

The One with The Last Snow

* = If I say it, it will come true, right? Like, “If you build it, they will come.” Just like that.



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