Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: I’m an Official #GameOnPGH Blogger!

2015 Official Blogger #GameOnPGH

I am thrilled to announce that I am an Official Blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon again this year.

Here’s me, having just finished the full marathon in 2014, with fellow blogger, Melissa Marks.


I enjoyed sharing my marathon training experiences last year. I made some new friends, learned a lot from my fellow bloggers, and even ran the full marathon with another blogger. I love my home city of Pittsburgh, and being attached to the marathon in an official way for my first full marathon felt ten different kinds of awesome.


This year I’m running the half marathon, as I wanted to experience that distance in Pittsburgh as well. I’ve already run the full, the 10 miler, and now the half. It seems appropriate!

I’m already a few weeks into training, trying to keep my paces slower and not focus on sprinting every single run. I’m also working hard on keeping up strength training and other cross-training as I have struggled with those aspects during every training season in the past. Maybe this one will be different! (So far, it’s improving.)

As I’ve been doing for quite some time now, my training, running, and fitness updates fall on Mondays. I feel a great way to start out my week is to look back on the previous week, acknowledge highs and lows, and then look forward to the week at hand and what’s to come. I’m looking forward to getting back outside and off the treadmill this week—even if it’s not warm yet!

I want to encourage my readers, fellow runners, and Pittsburgh Marathon participants to check out the blogs of the other Pittsburgh Marathon bloggers:

They’re a diverse, fun group, some of whom I’m just getting to know myself. I look forward to the rest of this training season with these people, with my husband who is running the full, and with the City of Pittsburgh as a whole. #GameOnPGH indeed!



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